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Batman Beyond Franchise


Rattling the cage
Sep 23, 2005
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It's been talking about but never had an actual news source post that it's even been mentioned at Warners - so let's yak about it here.

If you remember correctly - when going the Batman Begins launch - WB heavily monitored this and another forum (who will not be named cuz the owner is an idiot). They took a lot of general ideas from fans on how to approach the film - and being back at square one (with Nolan more than likely not overseeing the project) they'll no doubt come back to the well.

Let's put some water in it shall we?

What are we saying towards an *adaptation* of the Batman Beyond series?

I say adaptation as it's best to realize that downright following a mythology verbatim can be troubling when brought to film and could also (in this posters opinion) become very predictable and boring.

Let's address what issues would be needed to be addressed / altered for the sake of a Batman Beyond trilogy / franchise.

For me:

1) I think it would need to be a seperate mythology from Nolan's. While this may be confusing to general audiences at first - they'll catch on. By doing this - we don't allow them to play the part fanboys usually do where they cook up what a story / film SHOULD be about and instead let them take the suspenseful ride on their own. It'd also do those wonderful little things where the new film makers wouldn't be tied down because of Nolan's Hyper-Realism.

2) The story of Terry McGuinnis. Let's be honest here - there's a lot of heat on good old Terry because he's not Dick Grayson. Or Jason Todd. Or Timm Drake. And that's fine. Those characters should get their due sometime. But for the sake of this franchise - the focus should really be about Terry. How he copes with his father's death, taking care of his remaining family and friends - and most definitely illustrating how he's NOT Bruce Wayne.... but is slowly following in Bruce's footsteps to the world of isolation and loneliness. Which Brings me to my next point.

3) THIS mythology's Bruce wayne needs to be established as separate from the Nolan one. People will assume it's the same unless established story elements directly prove it different. The reason I say this is because one of the key components in the overall mythology of Beyond is that Terry escapes from the curse, unlike Bruce. And the only way we could really see this is by seeing that Bruce DID fall into this trap.

4) The suit. It's basically Batman's suit with the capabilities of Iron Man.... and then some. While I'm all about cool new gadgets and the like - the cowl itself is going to have to differ greatly. For example the eyes - much like BTAS have the white triangles. So what happens here? Do we get a Batman Forever / TDK lenses treatment? Do we get the eye holes with black makeup around them and maybe white contacts with digital capabilities? It's an interesting design question to ask indeed. But there in lies the 2nd question - the mouth piece. In the Beyond Mythology his mouth moves as part of the mask. In the real life adaptation - is this a cut out piece like the classic suit? Is it stretched fabric like Spider-man? Is it a physical piece ala Darth Vader?

I'm open to hearing some awesome ideas gents and ladies. Let's go!

- Jow
been re-watching this, and Derek powers/blight is actually an amazing villain. I'd love to see a live action version of him. been wondering who i'd pick to play him that'd pull off that slimeyness.
I've actually been working on a casting call for a live-action movie.

But yeah, part of me would rather get a Batman Beyond movie over a regular Batman movie at the moment. I hate most of the futuristic stories of Batman, but I feel Batman Beyond got it right.
I love this little fan trailer personally.


eastwood would obviously be ideal for bruce, but I saw someone suggest Harrison ford in a fan casting. it made me think...

because most of the time nowadays Harrison ford is playing a grumpy as hell but badass old guy , so... it works. plus , I mean... it's han ****ing solo. c'mon.
awesome fan made trailers do exist, believe it or not. :oldrazz:
Just do an adaptation of the first episodes, feature Mr. Fixx and Blight. For a sequel you gotta do Return of the Joker.

Batman Beyond has so much potential as a film, one of the greatest TV series of all time
I'd love a Batman Beyond live-action film and a sequel or even a trilogy would be even better,I'm the one who suggested Clint Eastwood/Jon Voight or Harrison Ford as old Bruce in the future films casting thread cause I think it'd be interesting if the next reboot is a BB film.

Only big change I'd make from the show/comics is turn Terry into an early 20's adult than a high school teen.
I just hope IF a BB film does get made that the director/producers and especially studio agrees with my opinions on that!:oldrazz:
They won't, because it is stupid and ignores the target audience and the original mythos of BB.
Yeah like a movie studio or director wouldn't change something like that,Why is my opinion stupid and not yours?
Because taking him out of high school completely negates all of his alter ego life and relationships. It's essentially remaking what doesn't need remaking.
He can still have that life IF he's at least a college student and I doubt they'd show much of it anyway in a 2 hour movie or even it's sequel anyway,But whatever..I guess my opinion is too stupid cause YOU say so.

I guess we'll just see what happens..IF they ever do a Beyond movie anyway.
With Justice League and the DC shared universe in the works, we probably won't see a Batman Beyond movie anytime soon.

It would be cool though.
Because taking him out of high school completely negates all of his alter ego life and relationships. It's essentially remaking what doesn't need remaking.

I disagree as well and his opinion isn't stupid. You would just have to make sure that "terry" was trying to make it in the world, and couldn't, he couldn't become something, until a similar scene in the cartoon, bruce takes him in and he ends up "working" for bruce.

Batman was say in his 30s-40s in B:TAS, and he still had tons of relationships to balance..no different than Terry. My only issue is his training..which I feel they will have too regardless step out of the realm of possibilty to make him a machine.
I'd like training scenes similar to Mask of Zorro,Older Diego de la Vega training an arrogant new protege was great..Although Bruce would be much older than Anthony Hopkins at the time.
In terms of the problem of the costumes mouth piece, I always thought that one way they could do it would be like the mouthpiece on Doctor Doom's mask in the Fantastic Four movies:

Or they could take artistic liberty and have no mouth piece.
Zac Efron for Terry!
Megan Fox for Inque!

And oh right :o :p
Now we're cooking with gas any more bright ideas like ours please step up...
Dennis Quaid for Bruce Wayne and Lindsay Lohan as Barbara Gordon.
I think that Beyond should be the model for a potential sequel to Dark Knight Rises with Robin taking over as Batman. They already have the memory material for the wing suit and the Batcopter in the Dark Knight continuity.

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