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I think a more appropriate modification to Terry would to have him in a local college. That way he's old enough to be Batman - but also have him still maintaining a social life and trying to juggle taking care of his family.

To be honest tho - there was once a quote in the series when he told Bruce, "I'm trying to make up for past sins." which I always thought was great. I feel like maybe they should delve more into that of Terry being a terrible kid and trying to undo everything he's done.

Maybe make him part of the Joker gang at one point and have him inadvertantly be involved with his fathers death? I always felt like Powers should have just employed the Jokerz to do the job instead of just framing them. Idk - however you spin it - the Joker Gang aspect being somehow involved with his father's death is what incites his turnaround.

- Jow
I think the only point in making a Batman Beyond franchise would be to build towards the "Return of the Joker" story, which (let's be honest) is the most epic storyline that came out of Batman Beyond. The Joker's return is something that equally difficult for both Terry AND Bruce. It presents them both with real challenges, and allows for something close to that incredible flashback sequence.

So IMO, a Batman Beyond series would have to follow an established Batman film series. There would have to be some continuity there, like there was between B:TAS and Batman Beyond. The audience should have a general idea of the history of Bruce Wayne/Batman/Gotham, as well as side characters within that universe. It'd make the viewing experience so much better for us die-hard fans, as well as casual fans/viewers.

Now, TDK trilogy is over. I think we need to see a new Bruce Wayne-Batman series which will be tied in with this potential DCU that WB is trying to build. THEN, after 3 or 4 movies, I think Batman Beyond would be the next logical step.
I wonder who would play Old Man Wayne in such a film? Casting Bale might be too much.. maybe Adam West? Ah..
NOT Adam West. If we're going for someone that old, you might as well get Clint Eastwood.

Timothy Dalton could work as old Bruce...
That's actually a good idea. For Beyond or TDKR. The question is, do you bring back Nicholson too?
Because taking him out of high school completely negates all of his alter ego life and relationships. It's essentially remaking what doesn't need remaking.

Yeah nah I don't think his idea is stupid at all.
Having a Batman character that is in high school is just plain stupid IMO

Zac Efron for Terry!
Megan Fox for Inque!
Kristen Stewart for Inque !
Lindsay Lohan as Barbara Gordon.
Oh god I hope they don't pay attention to these forums.

Assume you guys are joking?
Don't ever assume because then you would be making an ass of both you and me. ;) but yeah facetious.
Michael Keaton is a great choice but as an original Bruce Wayne from the comics and the cartoon NOT from Tim Burton's Batman or TDKR.
been re-watching this, and Derek powers/blight is actually an amazing villain. I'd love to see a live action version of him. been wondering who i'd pick to play him that'd pull off that slimeyness.

Although I like Return of the Joker, I just never was a big fan of the Batman Beyond series
Agreed. I think Danson could do a decent Bruce in Batman Beyond
As much as I love Return of the Joker,

it would be outlandish - even for the Burton / Schumacher franchise.

Also - I'm still jockeying for Tobin Bell to play Mr. Freeze - somewhere in some film... eventually.

The Mr. Freeze storyline is by far one of the absolute best that take place in the Beyond continuity.

If I were going the trilogy route -

BB1 - The Joker Gang (should be the only remaining element of the Joker IMO)
- Society of Assassins
- Derek Powers

BB2 - Mad Stan
- Inque
- Derek Powers

BB3 - Spellbinder
- Mr. Freeze
- Blight

- Jow
i have absolutely no clue who the hell that is. shame on me. lol

looking at him though, he still doesn't have the same "slimey, smug, sneaky bastard " feel i get whenever derek appears in the show.

if anything i'd cast maybeeee..... gary cole ? possibly ?
I feel Batman Beyond only works if you have been heavily invested in the Batman world and this shakeup is an interesting exploration. But in reality though the general audience has barely been exposed to Bruce and his robins. Superman rogue gallery?

You need to establish a status quo because you can shake it up. I mean how many people even know Dick Grayson isn't Robin anymore?

Also I think the GA can accept differing continuities. They have have several Batman's. They can tell it won't be Nolans universe.
The only Way to do a batman beyond movie is to bring back keatons batman and have him pass the batman mantle on to sum1 else therefore finishing the original trilogy and starting up a new franchise forget about batman forever and batman and robin keaton always the best batman anyway

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