Batman Returns or Superman Returns?


Sep 11, 2005
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I've started this thread on the DC comics films, I wonder if the results will be the same here. So, which film do you prefer between BATMAN RETURNS and SUPERMAN RETURNS?
I guess Superman Returns, just barely. Both have their problems, but I prefer some of the impressive shots in Returns and some cool scenes like the ending and the plane thing over Burton's "let's make everyone a freak".
Easily Batman Returns.

Superman Returns bored me.
Superman Returns was great. A little underrated.

But Batman Returns is a masterpiece.
Batman Returns easily but Superman returns was a great film which is very underated i love the more human lonely superman then the living untouchable god of the comics brandon routh was great its a superman more suited for are times then the 1978 ultra tongue in cheek superman.
Batman Returns, I think SR is another one of those sequels that was doomed by it's own hype *shrugs*
Superman Returns was great. Easily my fave Superman film after STM.

But Batman Returns... teh masterpiece.
Prefered Batman Returns, it's more visual than content by a large margin, but that's ok, Superman returns kept trying to jump back to the first two original movies, i really wish they just done what is so fashionable these days, a reboot.
1: Superman: The Movie
2: Batman 89
3: Batman Returns
4: Superman II
5: Batman Mask of the Phantasm
6: Batman Begins
7: Superman Returns
8: Batman Forever
9: Superman III
10: Batman & Robin
11: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

That's my ranking of the Batman and Superman movies.

As for the two films in question, I'd choose "Batman Returns" simply because I appreciate Burton's decision to redesign the concept while, as he put it, "keeping the spirit of Batman," as opposed to "SR" which is more or less Singer's glorified, polished and, often times preachy homage to the Donnerverse Superman.

Now don't get me wrong, "Superman: The Movie" is a masterful work and Dick did such an amazing job on that picture, especially considering the ever-mounting pressures from the Salkinds. But with it being 28 years after that first film and 19 since the god awful "Quest For Peace," it would've been more worthwhile for Bryan to push the envelope and give us something new while, like Burton, keeping the spirit of Superman that Donner created intact.

Keep the John Williams theme, throw in some nods to the original two films. But "SR" was just too close to its tribute to 'Superman: The Movie" than "BR" was to Burton's original "Batman."

This is very simple...

Batman Returns!!!!!!!

- I love Superman returns, but batman returns is a classic and unique masterpiece
Are they still gonna make a sequel to SR? i think they got enough things right (the most important being routh as a credible supes) to make a sequel. The one thing with SR is the budget i really dont see where all the money went.
Superman Returns. Both have their flaws, but Superman Returns was more watchable.
OK, i wouldnt go as far to say that superman returns was BAD, because it wasnt a bad movie, but just not quite what it could have been. i feel the same way about batman begins in certain areas, especially where dialogue and action is concerned. so in those respects, i think SR did better. however i still vote for a sequel to be done, i mean, how could they NOT make a sequel now that they've rebooted the franchise? but i do have to admit, it was kind of boring at times. but i think singer was trying to just make a good movie, not be like "what will the fanboys want, more action? hah, i just want to make a GOOD movie, not just an action movie". in some ways, that is good, in others, bad. like, i remember singer putting SR as " a love story with an action backdrop". ok, i dont think it was a very good idea to just focus on the love story or the kid thing, he should have focused more on the actual plot and luthots evil scheme. the evil scheme felt like a secondary element of the story, not the main one.

ok, rant over. in the end, i choose Batman Returns because the acting was incredible, some of the scenes actually break youir heart (a feat rarley done well in comic book films) the villians were NASSSTY, batman was kickass, visually stunning, very inventive and creative, had characters you actually cared about, and still had the batman look.
The only thing you did wrong was acting like yourself. I'm tired of the bull****. I hate hardcore Burton fans and Nolan fans. You know why there aren't any Bruce Timmites? Because they aren't stupid ******* bastards.
The only thing you did wrong was acting like yourself. I'm tired of the bull****. I hate hardcore Burton fans and Nolan fans. You know why there aren't any Bruce Timmites? Because they aren't stupid ******* bastards.
Batman Returns, hands down!!

I know bashing Superman Returns is getting kinda old...but that movie indeed sucked big time. Frank Langello was the only positive thing in the entire movie. There was absolutely no chemistry between Routh and Bosworth and they both were so god damn boring. Althoug Superman is a boring character so can't really blame Routh. The movie totally wasted Spaceys undeniable talent. Luthor wasn't cool and he wasn't threatening at all. And those last 30 minutes...just one huge anti-climax!

But when it comes to Batman favourite Batman movie without a doubt! I also LOVE Begins but I don't wanna compare these two movies b/c I think it's pretty pointless. Batman Returns is funny, smart, exciting, visually stunning, a bit sad and quite touching, thematically interesting, superbly acted and directed, it has an amazing score etc.

Simply put, Batman Returns is everything that Superman Returns isn't. I think this entire situation between Batman and Superman is a no-brainer. Batman is this deeply traumatized vigilante. He is haunted and complex. Superman is just a boring God-like alien form another planet. IMO.

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