Batman Vs. Superman Who Would Win

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Batman vs. The Hulk

Granted, Batman does posess a shard of Kryptonite, which was given to him by Superman incase he went rogue, and Batman has outwitted the Hulk. I do have to give Batman a lot of credit for his detective prowess, physical and mental conditioning, and fighting skills. Unfortunately in a knock-down drag out fight between he and Superman I can only conclude that this will happen:


Batman vs. Superman
You're right Batman is ready to take on Superman. He would look forward to beating the man of steel.
boywonder13 said:
You're right Superman is ready to take on Superman. He would look forward to beating the man of steel.
Batman can beat Superman.He has weapons that cna beat a whoel army and all he needs is kryponite gun.
Oops I meant Batman is ready to take on Superman. Thanks for qouting me though!
batman is smarter than lex luthor and if lex gives supes so much trouble, batman should be able to hand his ass to him easily.
Just recently in the comics Superman beat Batman half to death. Unless Batman uses Kryptonite there is no way in hell he can beat Superman. Batman can punch and throw baterangs at Superman all day and Superman could just stand there. Superman could punch Batman so hard his head would explode.
Batman is more hard edge and street smart than Superman. Batman fights in a dark city with the police against him fighting lunatics like The Joker, Scarcrow and others.

While Superman lives in a bright happy city and is loved by all. Fighting against Mxy, and other colorful people.

Batman has never even been killed! IThey has a had a hand to hand fight (without Supermans powers) Batman would own him.

He is the worlds greatest Martial Artist.
Given time to prepare, Batman. In a straight up battle no time to prepare, Superman.
In a movie? Batman would win on a physical level, due to kryptonite and some creativity, while Superman would win on an emotional and conceptual level, winning Batman to his cause... and then they'd go hand some poor villain his ass...
Here's the way I see it; The question isn't really who would win in a fight. Because the results of one fight vary on so many different factors of environment, strategy and often pure luck. A better question might be who would win more victories after a hundred fights or a thousand fights even. KOs or fights to the death? Clean fights or anything goes?

I think a better question would be why would either one win?

Batman would win because...

He's had the underdog factor going for him. He has no superpowers per se except for a very large checkbook a vast intellect and more fighting experience than most people could imagine. He represents the boundless possibilities a baseline human can achieve if they put their minds to their mission in life. He's the champion of the unpowered and that's exactly what everybody in the real world is.

Superman would win because...

Not only is he the first of the modern superheroes (This excludes legends like Hercules and Paul Bunyan) His powers are near godlike and he is the measuring stick against which all heroes are measured. The very laws of physics bend to his will. If he wanted to, he alone could destroy or enslave earth in any of a million possible ways but instead of using his abilities to achieve absolute power he chooses to shine as a beacon of truth and righteousness.

So, suppose the World is coming to an end (in real life) and DC decides to have a last superhero standing match in their very last comic ever. Batman and Superman have to fight to the death. My money's on Superman. It all started with him and it will end with him.
What I think Miller's version was, someone in DC asked him to come up with a plausible way that Batman can beat Superman. Arguably 1 of the best writers,Frank Miller, came up with the only thing that can beat Superman...kryptonite. You have to know deep down, without that, Batman stands no chance against the Superman. Case closed.
Batman would beat Superman because he'd wait till the conditions are right before taking him on. He'd wait for like, a solar eclipse or something so that his powers won't be at their peak, and then he'd pummel him with kryptonite-studded brass knuckles.
You see again, you're missing the point. He has to wait for a solar eclipse, use kryptonite studded brass knuckles, wait for right time. He cant beat him fairly. What if Superman fought him on an avg. sunny day w/out BAtman knowing he was in for it? Supes would destroy him.
The answer is simple: Batman would find a way to escape or cause a diversion that would allow him to. He would never take on Superman if he was at full power and/or he didn't have any kryptonite handy.
Right exactly, Batman would have to & hide for his life. Which proves Superman would win on any given day.
boywonder13 said:
Batman has never even been killed! IThey has a had a hand to hand fight (without Supermans powers) Batman would own him.

He is the worlds greatest Martial Artist.

I'm sorry but I don't see martial arts being a factor if Batman were facing Doomsday.
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