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Jul 14, 2002
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I know there has been some TV movies here and there, but a big screen Beatles bio-pic has never been made. Or atleast I don't think so. :huh:

Well, anyway, if a studio IS considering a bio-pic (especially after the success of Ray and Walk The Line) which cast & crew would you like to see involved?

This is something I would have to think about a bit more, but for some reason I can picture Rupert Grint playing Ringo Starr. I don't why. :o

I heard Martin Scorcese is planning to work on George Harrison project.
Well, there's Backbeat. It's not really a biopic about The Beatles. It's more about the friendship between John Lennon and Stuart Suttcliffe(the original Beatles bassist when they were a five piece) and details the band's time in Hamburg. It's a damn good movie.

The guy who played Paul is a dead ringer. He also played Paul in the Linda McCartney movie that was made for the Lifetime channel i think. He looks so much like Paul it's scary.

but for a new movie, what about Jim Sturgess? Yea, he was in Across The Universe, but still, he looks like Paul.
it'd be damn difficult to get this movie right. like, i'd love to see that happen. but i wonder if its worth the risk of it being made properly.
When I first saw the Across the Universe trailer I thought it might have been a biopic but then realized there names were different and they were breaking out into song.:o
That's cool and all but I want a Beatles movie not a Beatle movie.

That will be VERY difficult to pull off I think.....but it will happen. Maybe not soon, but it is inevitable. The real question is "Will it be good?".
i personally think Noah Wyle should be the only person to play John Lennon, since he looks so damn much like him, especially with a beard.


it might actually be cool if two movies were made with different casts and crews. but they'd be made with each other in mind. and one film would cover the early years like 60-65, and the other would cover the latter years, 65-70.
granted he's too old to play him now, but Hugh Grant looks a heck of a lot like Paul

I certainly wouldn't mind a film made about The Beatles, but a touchy film has already been made about John Lennon being killed by Marc Chapman ("Chapter 27").
I'm shocked a bio pic hasn't been made out of them. Has it something to do with the family members?

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