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Best Trilogy Actor

Poetic Chaos

Hella fetch.
Dec 7, 2005
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So what veteran of multiple trilogies handled his roles best?
Geoffrey Rush. Ford seemed kinda...tuckered out in ROTJ, you know?
harrison has to be top ranking, he has 2 to his name, although i guess indy isn't a trilogy anymore.
Ian Mckellen is by far the best actor up there
Anyone who doesnt say "Harrison Ford" isnt American. Hell, they arent even human...
You forgot Michael J. Fox for the Back To The Future Trilogy.
I voted for damon, hes not the best but i like the bourne movies more somehow. Ill go hide in my corner now............
I'll go with Weaving. Agent Smith is a modern classic bad guy.

"I'm going to enjoy watching you die...Mr. Anderson."

Gets me every time with it's awesome delivery.
McKellen is the best actor on the list but Harrison Ford? C'mon, Is there anyone more cool or iconic than that man?
Sir Ian Mckellen all the way. I don't think I can ever see anyone else play an older version of Magneto ever again.
Where the f**k is Clint Eastwood ya dimwitted blokes?! :cmad:

5 movies? Technically not a trilogy, although, in retrospect that should cancel out Ford too.
It was a close call for Harrison, but Ian Mckellen beat him in the end for my vote.
Harrison created two iconic characters, but man, McKellen is the real actor here.

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