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Black Lightning Black Lightning General Discussion

I actually liked it so if I gets picked up I’ll continue to tune in but if it doesn’t I won’t cry over it neither.
surprisingly good. but painkiller is a pretty random character even if he has some interesting story usages and potential. They should have had some other dc characters into the mix
I actually liked the backdoor pilot Painkiller episode. A more anti-hero leaning DC is interesting since they don't have one since arrow ended and the whole split personality thing reminds me of the hulk a little bit.

If they added some Milestone characters to the show I might give it a shot if it goes to series.
I am probably passing on Painkiller.
I thought it was fine. The only thing that took me out of it was the use of green screen/CGI backgrounds for the city.
Cool to see Shaq Diesel is a fan.
Thunder getting an "upgrade"
Braw this past episode man....
The scene with Lynn in jail was so sad and uncomfortable. With Anissa I was like your powers are obviously not working so get the hell out of the way. Jeff I’m not to worried about lol he’s a good fighter. Jen tho damn.
I wonder if Black Lightning will appear in the Flash once his show ends.
I will miss Tobias' network TV approved racially derogatory language.

I am enjoying the little bits of Khalil we are getting this season. I am not sold on the set up for his own show, but I am enjoying his stuff in the broader context of this show.

It was good to see Looker again. I liked that arc in season 2. PK's reaction to her racism was great.
When I tell you that I am OVER Khalil....I am over him. I couldn't do it anymore so I just fast fowarded through his scenes. This is the last season and we have so much focus on him?????

This showrunner really ran this show and final season into the ground. Black Lightning and Lightning largely absent from this season was such a lame idea with or without a renewal.
Coulda called that one. It’s a shame they wasted so much screen time in this show’s final season setting up a DOA spinoff.
Coulda called that one. It’s a shame they wasted so much screen time in this show’s final season setting up a DOA spinoff.

I honestly dont know why CW keeps doing these backdoor pilots. They've only picked up 1 within the last decade.
Well I'll give it this - I did not see the "energy alien stole Jen's DNA and memories" development coming, lol. And Jen's line about suddenly knowing there are aliens out there seems weird given, ya know, the Arrowverse, and how this show likes to reference Superman. Glad China came back for the finale, though. It was good to see her again.

A decent finale to a crappy season of one of the Arrowverse's better shows, imo.
And we finally put the cap on Black Lightning! It was a very welcomed edition to the Arrowverse and one I am sad to see go even if the showrunner kind of drove it into the ground. One of the few Arrowverse shows where I genuinely enjoyed all the characters and not just one or two.

The twist with Jennifer was very well done so I'll give them props for that. Knowing China would be returning I had my thoughts about how they'd do it and I wasn't expecting that. The actress who replaced her was good but nothing like the OG. There's been rumors about China having issues with Cress and the lack of family scenes as one tight unit....was weird. Could've been COVID protocols but our last scene with everyone and they are all so spaced out!

The show kind of ended how it began, Jefferson in retirement. Though I hate that we ended the series with Lala and not one the Jeffersons just being happy go lucky.

Nafessa (love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) shared this potential look from S1 on her IG

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