The Wolverine Bone Claws again? - More continuity errors?

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Jan 25, 2009
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I'm kinda torn on this. I'm happy to see the bone claws again in the film. i always liked the bone claws in the comics and video games


and when i saw the teaser trailers to orgins before it was leaked, i was happy.

but then the film was leaked and the rest is history. even hugh himself admitted that the film was bad.

ever since wolverine 2 was announced and the news of darren aronofsky was brought in - i always hoped that somehow orgins would be retconned.

when darren confirmed that his movie had no connection to the trilogy or orgins i was even happier.

first class did a good job of retconning what happned in first class but it also created more continuity errors and more confusion.

and now it seems that The Wolverine will be connected to orgins thru the bone claws being inserted into the flashback. i was hoping and praying that they wanted to include the bone claws but find a way to disconnect from the failure of orgins.

Unless there is some dialogue in the film that contradicts the events of orgins.

unless logan retcounts his past or tells of his orgin that is different from what we saw in orgins. orgins is still connected.

and i'm hearing that DOFP has no connection to The Wolverine so there a will be more continuity issues.

and it's just frustrating because each x men film always introduces more continuity errors between each movie. i just wish things would be more coherent in the series.
According to the comics, Wolverine had bone claws during WWII. Hence, he has bone claws during the WWII scenes in the new movie.

No one ever said they were retconning Origins, just that this was a standalone movie that takes place after X3.

Did this need its own thread? :huh:
1:They are trying to distance themselves from Origins but never said Origins didn't happened.Plus Bryan Singer has said for DOFP none of films are being ignored.
2:Bone Claws are part of comic cannon.Granted this was a retcon after they
had Magneto ripe out Wolverine's metal during fatal attraction storyline but
still part of comic cannon.
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