Brendan Fraser or Dominic Purcell new Hulk

hunter rider said:
He was supposedly very good in "the Quiet American" ? with Michael Caine
i liked him in Crash. Havent seen the quiet american.
Fraser can definately act, he even showed that in the Mummy movies, but i just dont see him in this role, either bring Bana back or try Cillian Murphy, Simon Baker or Nick Stahl.
I have a e-mail on my desk here I just got from Brendan Fraser (a friend for close to 20 years) and it says ..."I know you don't believe everything on your news alerts, (no, I am NOT the next Hulk)....

So that may settle that question.
Thank god. I really like Brendan Fraser's work, but I definitely do not see him in Hulk. Before, he was one of the Superman casting possibilities that I liked- because that I could somewhat see and hear.... but, don't see him as a Bruce Banner. For somewhat of a Brendan Fraser 'Superman' performance- check out Looney Toons: Back in Action.
Well as far as Supes goes, even though he did go into audition, he was pretty set against it.
He was? Didn't know that. Because at the time of Looney Tunes: Back in Action- I remember one of the main attractions was a scene in which Branden "flew" to the rescue and LOTS were saying "this is our early look at Brendan Fraser as Superman." At least, that's what I remember.... didn't know he was set against it.
I'm glad Brendan wont be in this, i like as an actor, but couldnt see him in this role.
Brendan Fraser is a talented actor but I really cannot see him as Banner. Dominic Purcell on the other hand well I wouldn't really mind. And how funny it is that I thought Dominic Purcell was Schofield on Prison Break. So I take it he's Wentworth Miller then. My bad. Prison Break just debuted on NZ Television 3 weeks ago. David Duchovny I do think would be perfect for the role but at the end of the day I do hope to see Eric Bana reprise his role. The same for the supporting cast even. I thought Sam Elliott was perfect as General Ross for example.

And to hell with height. Does it really matter?
If Eric Banna can't be in it then I'd have to go with The Rock

and Arnold as his father

Having the Rock as Bruce Banner is like Jessica Alba as Sue Storm. I do not concur. :down
Jim Caveziel as Dr.Banner all the way. Fraser and Purcell suck. I can't honestly say that i've seen Purcell show the emotional range other than a monotone bore, to pull off a role like Banner. He acted the same in John Doe, Blade Trinity and Prison Break.....he has no range....
Sean Maher from Firefly/Serenity would make a good Bruce Banner, he play a weedy but brilliant Doctor to a tee in the show and the movie. But my number one choice would be to have Bana back.
I hadn't thought about Caviezel. What's he doing nowadays? He seems to have been quiet since the Passion of the Christ.

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