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Brian Goldner Talks G.I. Joe

I read the paragraph on how Duke will be the most like the 12 inch figure they lost me completely. They are deviating from the cartoon and thats not really cool.
Well the comic book is better than the cartoon in terms of realism: Cobra-La is not going to work.
the comics are so much better than the cartoons... the comics are much more grounded in realism than the way out there strange and bizarre cartoon characters...

My only question is the Baroness is meant to be one tough cookie... Sienna Miller does not look like that type, unless she has a body shot of her showing how she looks with her new work out regimen
the comics are far more realistic than the cartoons so that's a good thing

my main worry though is Sienna Miller... the baronness is meant to look hot and be tough... i just hope all her boasting about her new workout regimen giving her all these muscles is not just hot air cuz the first pic of her so far is NOT impressive
Miller will be good. The strange thing about the comic vs cartoon issue. I definitely enjoyed the comics more...yet my favorite character, Duke, was severely underused most of the time.
I have no idea how he says they are going to the comics then talks about linking movie Duke with the 60's dolls . . . which makes no sense. OK.

My other problem with this is, why do we have to wait for a possible sequel to see Cobra Commander? Why can't we see Cobra Commander you know . . . now? Seems rather weird that they have to do this whole big origin story for Cobra Commander that will more than likely resemble nothing like the comics that Goldner says they are going from.
I can understand why most people are a little disappointed, since everyone saw the cartoon as something to remember all the characters by. Id be more worried about the cast then the realism in this movie.
So will there be anything in the credits saying "based on the marvel comic" or anything like that?
Most likely. It might even mention in the credits about the cartoon and the toys as well. They were a toyline before they were a cartoon or comic series.

I hope they mention it.
Didn't the toy thing get a credit in Transformers?

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