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Building up to Justice League with smaller team-up movies

Now that I think about it, I'm not crazy about a Trinity movie either. Probably why I listed that one last. If they did WW, Batman/Superman, and Flash/GL movies, they'd be all set.
I think the fast track to getting an established Justice League movie in the big screen would be to establish Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, & Green Lantern on the smaller screen...aka TV. Think Star Trek-TNG, X-Files, (upcoming) 24 movie.

Going with the TV idea....

Because of the recent Batman-Nolan movies & the Smallville series, I like the idea of the World's Finest television series, that can span a 2 season series from the Fall of 2013 to Spring of 2015...or even beyond. The episodes would not have to contain the both of them at the same time. Half would Batman-centric and the other half would be Superman-centric.

As for Wonder Woman....

In the summer of 2014, Warner Bros. can start a half Wonder Woman series set in the early 90's with Hyppolita as the original leading us to Diana as the iconic superheroine. It would continue with a 2nd season starting in the Fall of 2014 with the Diana as the main character and it will ultimately crossover to the World's Finest Series, which will ultimately lead to a Trinity Series. The Trinity series will ultimately lead to a Justice League live action television series (like 24), which will ultimately morph into a Justice League movie franchise (like Star Trek). The rest would be history and you can do away with the TV series.

The key would, of course, be casting and scripting.

IMO, if the script of these series mirrors or stays as close to the actual comic-book story, nothing can go wrong. If it strays (i.e. David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman), you risk failure.

As for the casting goes, it would be important to cast actors who are relatively unknowns or moderately known. IMO, it would be better to have a cast full of fresh faces then recycled old ones like Robert Downey Jr., etc....
I'm not shure about a World's Finest TV show, but i think Batman would work very well on TV, a mix between Angel and C.S.I. with possibly a more Noir feel.

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