Can magic refill a power lantern ring?


Sep 23, 2011
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I know the stablished canon around Alan Scott is that his ring is from magic origins or "magic resource pool", developing therefore magic-constructs made from green light.

But in the Green Lantern Corps canon or elseworld mythos, could magic empower or refill a Green Lantern ring?

Does DCU supports Arthur C. Clark statement "Magic is Science we don't understand"?
According to current GL mythos no. Will power of the user powers a GL ring. All of the rings are conduits for every raw emotion and those concepts are the fuel for the rings and lanterns. Not magic or science really but just a sentient beings emotions and feelings. So I don't think magic could.
But they are "programmed" some way. They were made, after all.
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Well if you used magic to give someone a boost in will-power, then sure.
But the rings are energy-based weapons. Saying that the rings function through will is like saying weapons function through aim.
Yes the,energy/light construct, comes from Willpower. That is what powers a ring. Making a ring of any kind is a HUGE undertaking and we have seen them being forged but it took the Guardians a long time to perfect the process and even then they are still flawed.
But if willpower "fuels" the ring, why it needs to be recharged? Isn't the user a fairly strong-willed being? If needs both, wouldn't the need to be recharged with raw "Willpower", should strongly overpass the user potential? Why would make such change the willingness of said user, if so strong-dependant of raw willpower?
The rings don't gather the energy. They can only carry a small amount, and the energy dissipates within a few days. It's the lanterns that gather the energy.
I always believed there was 'an energy' stored in the ring that only your willpower could utilize and turn into constructs. I never thought the rings stored or were powered by will. I thought the energy was controlled by their will.
Exactly. I thought the same. Somehow, the GOTU manage to create some kind of technology that charge the ring, and functions through will.

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