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The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Casting Thread [Merged x6]

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Sep 13, 2003
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If Catwoman is going to appear on a Batman sequel I think I have found the perfect actress to play her: the Academy Award winner CHARLIZE THERON!!!

Does anyone agree with me?
Angelina Jolie is an Acadamy Award winner too.:D
Angelina Jolie should be Catwoman/Selina Kyle.
Catthrine Zeta Jones would be cool as Catwoman too.
Charlize Theron doesn't really have the same "Cat-like", or "Fetish"-like vibe that's important for Catwoman, IMO. Angelina Jolie delivers in this way. ;) I'd say the same for Ashely Judd or Gina Gershon, even though she's a little too old for Bale now. :)
Jolie is the ONLY perfect choice for Catwoman. When you look at her in some pics, it's very uncanny how she looks just like her comic counterpart.

Theron would be my second choice, but she's not anywhere near Jolie for the role. Yes, I do think she's the best casting decision that could ever happen to a comic movie because she is just too perfect. And yes, more perfect than Reeve or Bale.:)
How about her?

Angelina would be great as Catwoman! I swear, that woman's gonna be one of those actresses that just gets hotter the older she gets!
Angelina Jolie IS Catwoman/Selina Kyle not to mention one of the hottest women on the planet.
Angelina Jolie, good choice people. :) Although, I always had it in for Kate Beckinsale as Catwoman.
we'll see... jolie would be great.. i wanna hear her say meow, nice and slow..
Jolie for Catwoman, Theron for Poison Ivy and Beckinsale for Huntress. All in the same movie.

Funny...in that pic she looks just like Talia with bigger lips. Makes you think that if she isn't cast as Catwoman, she would also make a good Talia...

BUT, with the casting of an Asian Ra's, that ain't happening.......so..... JOLIE FOR CATWOMAN!!!:D
Well, well, well. Look at what we have here:

'Jollyjohnny' alerted us that comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis announced this weekend at the Wizard World convention in Los Angeles that Charlize Theron will star in and produce the big screen adaptation of his graphic novel Jinx.

The crime series, published by Image Comics, features a bounty hunter, two grifters, and a treasure hunt.

No word yet on when production may start or which studio is distributing. This Jinx shouldn't be confused with the James Bond spin-off of Halle Berry's character from Die Another Day.

Aww...guess that means she can't play Catwoman if she's already a comic character, IF we want to stick to that rule (Rebecca Romign-Stamos in X2 and Punisher is excluded because you couldn't really tell it was her in X2).

Guess that means.....JOLIE FOR CATWOMAN!!!:D
Theron would make a better Poison Ivy and Angelina Jolie as Catwoman.

The Ceb-Man!!!!
Someone had better play CatWoman other than halle berry, now they are going to have to revamp another character after that piece of horse sh^t!
Theron is Sue Storm...I've yet to hear a decent choice for Catwoman...Ashley Judd is the best I've heard, but that aint great.
Alright then...who's YOUR choice for Catwoman? The majority here have picked Jolie (who might I add was BORN for this role ;)), so who would your pick be?
Theron has been mentioned for Catwoman plenty of times. Jolie is the only way to go.
i say catherine zeta jones!!!!jolie's lips are sooo thick!!!!!
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