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CBMs: 2011 vs. 2012


Jun 8, 2012
Reaction score
2012 was undoubtedly the most anticipated year for comic book movies with the Spider-man reboot, the finale to the Dark Knight trilogy, and the extremely anticipated Avengers. But I think people have highly underestimated last year's crop. For me I might have to lean slightly on 2011.

First Place- 2011: X-Men: First Class- Unlike this year, the choice for the best is pretty unanimous. I thought it was just as good, if not slightly better than The Avengers. (My grade: 8.5, RT 87%, 7.4 average.) 2012: The Avengers- For me this definitely ranks up there with Raiders and Star Wars as one of the more pure enjoyable movies. Great action, and amazing characterization(My Grade: 8.5, RT 92%, 8.0)
Winner: Tie

Second Place- 2012: The Dark Knight Rises- Maybe it was high expectations but this one disappointed the hell out of me. It was well made and highly ambitious, but had WAY to many flaws for me to consider it great. Obviously many critics and fans disagree(My Grade: 7.5, RT 87%, RT avg. 8.0). 2011: Thor- back and forth between this and Cap, but I give Thor the edge. Better in every way than DC's similar styled Green Lantern, Chris Hemsworth has been a brilliant find for Marvel. Different paced story than any CBM before it, both this and Cap come close to TDKR for me, but I'll give the edge to TDKR for being more ambitious. (My Grade: 7.5, 77%, 6.7)
Winner: 2012

Third Place- 2011: Captain America: The First Avenger was well acted, well directed, and thoroughly enjoyable. Didn't do anything extraordinary, but everything they did worked considerably. (My Grade: 7.5, 79%, 7.0). 2012- The Amazing Spider-man disappointed me in so many levels. Second biggest disappointment outside of the pointless meandering that was Prometheus. Garfield and Stone were great in this though. (My Grade: 6.5, 73%, 6.7).
Winner: 2011

Fourth Place- Simply put Green Lantern was bad, Ghost Rider was awful. Green Lantern (My Grade: 4.5, 27%, 4.6). Ghost Rider (My grade: 3.0, 17%, 3.8)
Winner: 2011

2012: My Grade 6.4, 67% RT, 6.6 RT avg.
2011: My Grade 7.0, 68% RT, 6.4 RT avg.

So for me I'd say 2011 had the better crop of CBM's but RT differs. Still they're a lot closer than I think people realize. So what year do you think had the better CMBs?
I prefer 2011 than 2012. Simply because I love X-Men: First Class so much!

1st- X-Men: First Class
2nd- The Avengers
3rd- Thor
4th- The Dark Knight Rises
5th- Captain America (bland and overrated)
6th- The Amazing Spider-Man (meh)
7th- Green Lantern
8th- Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
2012 only because of the Avengers.
Without Avengers, they're about the same I guess.
With the exception of GR2 in 2012, how can this poll even possibly be close....? 2012, by a landslide.
The Avengers basically sums up Thor , Captain America , and the team dynamic of an X-Men film. Also it was a box office juggernaut.

Then we move onto ASM and TDKR. The reaction was mostly positive for both films and they've also made a ton of money. GR 2 is the only low-point in 2012.
2011 Is great because of X-Men first Class

2012 has The VAengers,The Amazing Spider-man and The Dark Knight rises

So 2012 wins because It has more great films.

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