Guardians of the Galaxy Celestial's Head as the GotG Base?


Apr 8, 2012
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I know it's a long shot, but I would love it if they could work the head/base into the story somehow. A cool way to introduce the whole Celestials thing without any lengthy exposition. Another mystery to be tackled in some future film(s).
I would love to see the Celestials, Eternity, The Living Tribunal and all those cosmics in GOTG.
You mean Knowhere? Yes, it absolutely should be their base.
Yeah, thats it. And they dont even have to explain what or who the head is. It can just be this enigma for the time being, with just a smidgen of backstory provided at some unexpected lull in the action.
Hell to the yes. Bring on the cosmic abstracts! That would be like Star Wars X10. Sadly no Galactus though :(
yes the more sci-fi stuff the better.
I don't care if it's a Celestial's severed head or not (still want to know what can do that), I just want to see Knowhere represented on the big screen. At least, if not here, in a sequel or spin-off or whatever.
Well im sort of hoping for a future mega-teamup Marvel movie involving a "return of the Celestials" storyline. Something that tops Thanos.

Irregarlessly, It has to be a head imo, otherwise its not Knowhere. And the "wanting to know can do that" is part of the cool mystery.

I vote yes, especially if we get a scene like this:
just started messing around with blender3d

a mock up of knowhere

Knowhere should absolutely be involved, it would be amazing to see but as well as that it hints at a bigger universe out with some crazy things to possibly come.
I would love the Celestials to be introduced they could do like Earth X I believe, where the Celestials are energy beings encased in vibranium armor. It could be cool to see that connection to Cap's shield and possibly Wakanda if they intro Black Panther.
I just sort of like the mystery of knowing there is something out there that could do this to a celestial. I don't really need to know what it is. I like the "you bring your own baggage" to it. No matter what did this will never live up to what we have thought of already in our heads.
Knowhere is probably the first thing the VFX teams started to design. The spaced-out Celestial head has the potential to be an iconic location if it's used the right way. There is no way it won't be in the film. It's just to unique to leave out.
here is a new version i made of knowhere

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I forgot about this thread! And the movie went above and beyond! How often does that happen?
i know we got all the sci fi stuff i wanted and more. knowhere, another celestial, different planets, all kinds of aliens. they mention the kree, we saw thanos and heard him speak. got a little history of the infinity gems.this movie went well above what i wanted to see.
Yea it's still kinda surreal to see a frickin Celestial, in all it's Jack Kirby glory, on the big screen. A fans dream come true for sure.

And it's encouraging that general audiences are gobbling this **** up. The only way is up.
Yea they've had different sizes in the comics. I think like Galactus, they can change size at will. In some stories they are completely different depending on what race is perceiving them.
As we've seen in recent issues the Celestials are not all the same size. If anything, they can change their size to fit their purpose or are just different sizes to one another or- you know what, who cares. We got a confirmation of Celestials in the MCU as more than just a severed head. That got me so happy. The Cosmic MCU could go anywhere now, I think.

Bring on the abstracts!
Also they can combine to become an even bigger celestial.
What when where do I get to see the Celestials become Devestator?!

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