Crazy Marvel Movies you want to see?


Monkey Boy
Nov 23, 2005
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What are some of the most outlandish, wild, unrealistic, never gonna happen, Marvel
stories/ideas/or characters you want to see in a movie but you know will probably
never ever happen? Stories or characters that are so out there or maybe so unpopular
(or not seen as profitable) that you don't think they will get into a movie, but you
would love to see it?

An X-Statix animated movie, even a direct to DVD would be awesome. I loved that
series, I have the huge collection, but I just cannot imagine any studio, even the
Marvel Animation Studio, making a movie out of them. But it would be great to see, in
Mike Allred's style, at a level like the Dark Knight Returns.
A Deadpool & Howard the Duck team-up. Hell, I want it to happen in the comics!
Pixar Inhuman princess movie.

But it probably won't happen because Brave had a long red haired princess protagonist.

and an animated Pet Avengers movie.
Rocket Raccoon origin movie featuring Wal Rus and Blackjack O'Hare
Spider-Man and Wolverine in a future Avengers film.
A movie where we get to see Joe Fixit.
I guess its not too crazy, but someone on this forum suggested Widowmaker starring Hawkeye and Black Widow. That could be pretty legit.
- A 2D Animated theatrical Howard the Duck movie

- A 2D Animated theatrical Tomb of Dracula

- A live action Werewolf by Night

- A live action Devil Dinosaur

- A live action Fin Fang Foom movie
I have a crazy idaea for a movie, how about the Guardians of the Galaxy!!
The one dude, Charlie 27, Martinex, Yondu,....that Guardians of the Galaxy!! The one I remember from when I was a kid.
Back when Drax was a outer space bad guy, I think, and Mantis and Moondragon were Avengers. The ones I vaguely remember!
Someone beat me to it, but I'd love to see a Pet Avengers animated movie. They Pet Avengers fought Thanos and won. That alone makes them worthy.

Fin Fang Foom & The Marvel Monsters would also make a great animated film. The comics were certainly a lot of fun. But with any animated project I would hate to see Joe Quesada and Jeph Loeb involved. Those two are sucking black holes into which any project that is creative or exciting falls and dies.
Marvel Zombies.

And before I die I need to see Mr.Sinister and Apocalypse in a X-Men movie.
I would love for Marvel to at least get partial rights to use Fox's Marvel characters so we could get a Avengers Dissembled then House of M storyline. Have Ultron make the Vision go crazy, fight the Avengers, end up "killing" Hawkeye then Scarlett Witch goes crazy leading to House of M. Then in the MCU continue on to Civil War.
While in the FoxMCU House of M leads to Decimation. "The mutant world is in shambles after SW has destroyed the powers of 99% of the mutant population and no other mutants are being born. Beast is on a mission to save the mutants while the scarce few that are left are locked up in X Mansion by the Sentinel driving force O*N*E* for their "own safety." How will the mutants deal with being on the verge of extinction find out in X-Men: Decimation or X-Men: The 198 either title." At the end of this movie they have a scene where Emma Frost is using Cerebro and in a midst of grey one red dot burst onto the screen then it fades to black.
Then that movie leads into the amazing X-Men: Second Coming. "It's been months since a mutant has registered on Cerebro. Until today." The movie opens up with the X-Men flying to Alaska and when they get there they see the destruction that has been done. Bishop would be the main villain of course. This would be the ultimate X-Men story to me.

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