The Dark Knight Dark Knight Teaser Trailer UPDATE!


Nov 6, 2007
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In just two weeks, on December 14, Warner Bros. will release the teaser trailer for Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight in standard theaters with I Am Legend. As was previously announced, the studio will be showing the 7-minute opening scene of "Dark Knight" before the screenings of "Legend" in IMAX.
About ****ing time

Thanks for this.
HAHA, imagine if by "teaser trailer" they meant the one we've all already seen...
So i take it the July trailer was an... 'Anouncement teaser'

Now we will get our 'Teaser trailer'!!

Good to have an official date!!!:woot:
Yah Im sure it will hit online before then.
Yeah I had a feeling they were gonna do this so that, no matter what print you preferred, you'd get something out of "TDK."


take your backup joker makeup, for thematic reasons

That would make up for it for the people, a sort of street performance version of the trailer. Of course you would need some of those shoes.
well, as in regard to the IMAX prologue, dont hold ur breaths whether someone will get it online, we all remember what happened when someone claimed they have the WW Footage and was gonna post it online, we dont need to go through that again
Does anyone think that a trailer will be shown sometime soon on the Viral sites, or am I going to have to see a Will Smith movie?

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