Dead Set: the big brother house attacked by zombies


Jul 27, 2001
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Big Brother's Davina McCall killed by zombies
Davina McCall meets a grisly end as she is killed by zombies - a moment haters of Big Brother have dreamed of.

McCall appears in new E4 zombie horror Dead Set, a spoof in which Britain is hit by a plague of the living dead and the only people unaware of it are the contestants in the Big Brother house.

Jaime Winston plays the heroine, a lowly assistant on the show who must fend off the bloodthirsty killers as the housemates are picked off one by one.

The five-part series is written by Charlie Brooker. He said: "Just as a shopping mall was the idea setting for the original Dawn of the Dead back in 1978, so the Big Brother house seemed fitting for a TV zombie epic set in the 21st century.

"Dead Set isn't an out-and-out comedy, but an unashamedly populist horror-thriller with blackly comic undertones. Think 24 with zombies. And housemates. And gore."

Former Big Brother housemates are said to be making cameo appearances in the show.

McCall, 40, is said to be planning a change of direction and a new career as an actress. She appeared in the short-lived sitcom Sam's Game in 2001 before signing up as Big Brother host.

There are rumours that she will not be returning as host of Big Brother 9.

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this actually sounds bloody brilliant:woot:
I can't wait to watch it! Mainly because it has zombies. But also because it mocks reality tv. =D
the fact they have got the real sets and mcall has agreed to appear show channel 4 are putting the money behind it.
This show looks amazing. It looks like they've put some real effort into it, rather than some cheap knock-off piggybacking off the BB name.

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