Do you have Batman movie marathons?


Jul 28, 2010
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I'm just curious IF any of you do,Every now&then I watch a Batman film or two But every time a new movie is about to be released I have a full marathon,2 days ago I watched Batman:The Movie(60's)and today(started very early morning)I watched from B'89 to TDK!!!
ha! I'm going to do it next week before TDKR comes out. It's the summer and I've got nothing else to do.
The week before Dark Knight Rises comes out...every night, at least one film. From the Adam West film to The Dark Knight. SO excited for the Dark Knight Rises.
Anytime I watch a Batman film I'm tempted to watch the others.
Well I'm watching BB & TDK on the big screen two days before TDKR opens.

Watched MOTP, Y1 and Batman 89 on DVD & Bluray. I still have BR , BF, MOTB and GK to go.
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the midnight showing I am going to is a double feature, TDK and TDKR

so maybe I'll watch BB before going

but no I've never done the marathons before
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