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DTL Season 5-Week 13 (Set 3)

DTL Commish

DTL Commisioner
Sep 23, 2007
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The rules:
This is one of four threads containing matches.
Due to the holiday, these threads will be in use for 9 days. Days 1-4 (Feb 23 - Feb 26) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help.

On Day 5 (Feb 27) I will post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count. Look over the matchups and read the strategies, and take into consideration how in-character each character is. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match. (Note: The length of a writeup the discretion of the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, post the team names you think will prevail in each match. Remember to vote for all matches or your vote will not count! The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 9th day (Mar 2) will get a W while the other will get an L. (Equal votes will result in a tie.)

The battleground for this week is: The eXiles Panoptichron

Heroes of the New Age
Replicant (DU) - Can absorb any weapon and use its power, has the power sets of Mirror Master, Dr Alchemy, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard and Captain Cold
The Turtle (DU) - A Black Hole for Kinetic Energy
Gorilla Grodd (DM) - Telepathy,Brute Ape Strength,High Intelligence
Zauriel (DR) - Super Sonic Scream,Flaming Sword,Flight,Heightened Strength,Endurance,Durability,Master Swordsman,Heavenly Armour,Healing Factor
Captain America (MR) - All American Hero, Highly skilled in Martial Arts, Shield made from indestructible Adamantium Vibranium, Heightened Speed, Agility, Endurance, Strength and Durability due to the Super Soldier Serum


Team Alpha Wolf Squadron
Quasar (MU) - Quantum Bands which allow him to control all forms of energy and generate constructs of any shape he concentrates on.
Dark Flash (DU) - super speed and molecular control.
Aquaman (DM) - super strength, endurance, speed etc. Also telepathy and a magic hand
Black Panther (MR) - super strength, endurance, speed etc. Also genius and various other tech resources.
Animal Man (DR) - the ability to copy the powers of any animal in the universe.


Starhawk (original) (MU) - Super strength, super speed, energy blasts, manipulates energy, can create light constructs, and a form of cosmic awareness
Over-Mind (MU) - Vast telepathy, super strength, energy manipulation, and incredible durability
Vision (eXiles) (MM) - superstrength/durability, energy projection, density control
Ganymede (MR) - Enhanced stats, flight belt, and a staff that can release energy
Magik 2 (MR) - Teleportation, spellcaster, and wields the Soulsword


Chaos & Order
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) (DU) - Wields a ring that creates hard light constructs limited only by imagination and willpower.
Exodus (MU) - Mutant with powerful psionic abilities.
Scarlet Witch (MM) - Probability manipulating mutant mage.
Proctor (MR) - Super strength, durability, teleportation, energy blasts, Ebony Blade.
Fate (Jared Stevens) (DR) - Super strength, durability, indestructible daggers, mutated arm, immunity to magic.
Prep-Time here...

The battleground won't give an advantage to either team. It may by possible that Wanda's power may give them some limited access to the eXiles systems. But their best bet is with Kyle's ring. Just as Vision is the other team's best bet. Either both teams will get the about the same amount of access, or they won't get any. Based on how long it took the eXiles to learn the systems with the help of the Time Breakers, I doubt either side will get any.

But, Kyle's ring can map out the entire Palace with little problem. It can scan and map every nook and cranny. Maybe the other team can do the same, but Kyle can do it much quicker. And this gives Chaos & Order much more time to plan and get ready.

The plan is for each member to fight their best matchup. Kyle-Starhawk, Exodus-Over Mind, Vision-Wanda, Ganymede-Proctor, Magik-Fate.

Now, you may ask yourself, is Wanda and Vision a good matchup? Wanda's would likely have feelings for Vision, even if it's the wrong version. If this Vision has similar feelings, Wanda can exploit them. If he doesn't, Wanda's probability changing will be her best offense/defense and it won't take her long to realize this isn't the man she loved. She'll fight him.
Battle-Time here...

The ubers need room to fight. So the best choice for either side to avoid getting in the way of their own teammates or damaging the palace. (Since there's literally nothing outside, damaging the palace might be a bad idea.) So the ubers fight in one of the massive environment rooms. Whether they decide to do that, or are tricked into doing it, doesn't matter. Either way fits into my team's plan.

As for the regulars, Magik may try to avoid Fate, but if he sticks with the other, she won't have any choice but to get into a fight with him.

Proctor and Ganymede should match up well. But Proctor's teleportation and ability to absorb/deflect Ganymede's blasts give him the edge.

The wildcard is Wanda and Vision. This fight may be as unpredictable as her hex bolts (which could turn Vision tangible if he tries to fight that way). So, it's decided she fights Vision far away from the others. That way, if she loses, the others have more time to fight without interference.

Working together, Proctor and Fate should win their fights. (Proctor's skill with the Blade is unmatched, and Fate can cancel spells or use his arm to turn the tide of a fight.) If Wanda falls, they'll take care of Vision.

Back to the ubers. Kyle and Exodus don't have to win their fights. Of course, winning is preferred since they can help the rest of the team. But all they need is to stalemate long enough for the rest of the team to seal them in the environment. This effectively removes them from the battleground since Over-Mind and Starhawk won't be able to get themselves out. One could argue that the other team may try the same thing, but that relies on Who?'s lower character on winning their fights. I say that my team has the better chance of doing just that.

So, even if Chaos & Order can't win all their fights, they only have to win the right ones.

Heroes of the New Age (Owner: Nightwing)

Replicant (DU) - Can absorb any weapon and use its power, has the power sets of Mirror Master, Dr Alchemy, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard and Captain Cold
The Turtle (DU) - A Black Hole for Kinetic Energy
Gorilla Grodd (DM) – Telepathy ,Brute Ape Strength, High Intelligence
Zauriel (DR) - Super Sonic Scream, Flaming Sword, Flight, Heightened Strength, Endurance, Durability, Master Swordsman, Heavenly Armour, Healing Factor
Captain America (MR) - All American Hero, Highly skilled in Martial Arts, Shield made from indestructible Adamantium Vibranium, Heightened Speed, Agility, Endurance, Strength and Durability due to the Super Soldier Serum


Team Alpha Wolf Squadron (Owner: Harlekin)

Quasar (MU) - Quantum Bands which allow him to control all forms of energy and generate constructs of any shape he concentrates on.
Dark Flash (DU) - super speed and molecular control.
Aquaman (DM) - super strength, endurance, speed etc. Also telepathy and a magic hand
Black Panther (MR) - super strength, endurance, speed etc. Also genius and various other tech resources.
Animal Man (DR) - the ability to copy the powers of any animal in the universe.


Location – Panoptichron (eXiles)

The five stand in an unknown place. The walls shimmer as the light reflects of an a sea of dots fill the hollow corridors.

Captain America – ‘Haven’t we fought in this place already?’

Turtle – ‘No…….this……..isn’t……..Superman’s…..ho….me….’

Grodd – ‘As much as I regret to say it but the human is right. This place we are in has technology far superior to even that of the Kryptonian.’

They walk amongst the rooms looking on the location and technology that is there.

Grodd and Zauriel both try to access something on the many computers both having no luck.

They come across a room with what looks like Cryogenic chambers.

Zauriel – ‘What in the lord’s name is this place?’

Captain America – ‘It’s a morgue. These are the many that have risen and fallen under the guise of the eXiles. Psylocke here was from my universe.’
Grodd – ‘We have no time to mourn for the loss of homosapiens. There is a task at hand and I don’t need man letting his mind wander.’

Steve raises his shield, Grodd raises his ape arms. Both are held in place by Turtle.

Turtle – ‘Stop…..fighting…..amongst……ourselves……’

Suddenly a monitor kicks into life.

Quasar (MU) - Quantum Bands which allow him to control all forms of energy and generate constructs of any shape he concentrates on.
Dark Flash (DU) - super speed and molecular control.
Aquaman (DM) - super strength, endurance, speed etc. Also telepathy and a magic hand
Black Panther (MR) - super strength, endurance, speed etc. Also genius and various other tech resources.
Animal Man (DR) - the ability to copy the powers of any animal in the universe.

They all look at the screen. Grodd sees the Justice League members and instantly sees his enemy.

Grodd – ‘Flash….a different version but still the same annoying man.’

Replicant – ‘That’s my Flash.’

Steve also scans the screen.

Captain America – ‘Grodd. You’re the only one amongst us with telepathy. You would help us better if you were to take on Aquaman. Turtle can handle Flash no worries. Replicant you needn’t worry about Flash’

Grodd – ‘Very well but his water bearer hand may prove somewhat problematic for me’

Replicant – ‘I have a feeling I was drafted in to handle Quasar. He has something that only I can face, once I’ve dealt with him I can come help you with Aquaman’

Steve – ‘Zauriel, our opponents will no doubt expect me to take on Panther. I have faced him and this might give him an advantage over me. With his fighting style and his added tech he might prove to be too much for me. I’ll take on Animal Man and hold him off as best I can until I can get some support.’

Zauriel – ‘Agreed. I will use Black Panther’s main weakness against him. My mystical armour and flaming sword should provide me enough protection against anything that he can throw at me.’

Steve – ‘Good. Now this palace that we’re walking in has an amazing structure in it in the sense that some of these rooms are vast landscapes in themselves. Utilise these as best you can. There’s no reason why we can’t take this team down.’

To Be Continued…

Heroes of the New Age (Owner: Nightwing)

Replicant (DU) - Can absorb any weapon and use its power, has the power sets of Mirror Master, Dr Alchemy, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard and Captain Cold
The Turtle (DU) - A Black Hole for Kinetic Energy
Gorilla Grodd (DM) – Telepathy ,Brute Ape Strength, High Intelligence
Zauriel (DR) - Super Sonic Scream, Flaming Sword, Flight, Heightened Strength, Endurance, Durability, Master Swordsman, Heavenly Armour, Healing Factor
Captain America (MR) - All American Hero, Highly skilled in Martial Arts, Shield made from indestructible Adamantium Vibranium, Heightened Speed, Agility, Endurance, Strength and Durability due to the Super Soldier Serum


Team Alpha Wolf Squadron (Owner: Harlekin)

Quasar (MU) - Quantum Bands which allow him to control all forms of energy and generate constructs of any shape he concentrates on.
Dark Flash (DU) - super speed and molecular control.
Aquaman (DM) - super strength, endurance, speed etc. Also telepathy and a magic hand
Black Panther (MR) - super strength, endurance, speed etc. Also genius and various other tech resources.
Animal Man (DR) - the ability to copy the powers of any animal in the universe.


Location – Panoptichron (eXiles)

So the strategy is set. Replicant has his target and using his mirror jumping ability jumps into a nearby crystal to find his prey.

Zauriel makes for an open plain, whilst Steve tries to find a more confined space for his battle.

Grodd, although tempted to go for Flash, sets on his way to find Aquaman.

The initial plan from both teams is to use telepathy to find their opponents but both Aquaman and Grodd put up defenses to prevent this. Once this plan is foiled they move on.

Flash vs. Turtle

The initial plan for the fastest man alive is to take down Replicant. He knows better than anyone what he is capable of (Secrets Files & Origins: Flash #2) however, he also has to concentrate on not running into…..

Turtle – ‘Nice….to…..see…..you…..again…..Flash…..you….won’t……..know……me…’

Flash, as he zips from pillar to post in search of Replicant, finds himself hearing a slow voice from all angles. Flash pours more speed into his movements but the voice is moving faster from one point to another.

Flash – ‘Strange. I was thought this guy was slow, he seems fast.’

Turtle appears from behind a large crystal.

Turtle – ‘Oh…I…am…slow…the…thing…is…I…can…steal…and…lend…speed…as…I…please.’

Flash – ‘Is that how you’re able to move around me so fast? You’re freezing my speed and then moving’

Turtle – ‘You…are…just…as…fast…at…catching…on…as…you…are…at…running…’

Flash – ‘I can give more speed than you can absorb you know?’

Turtle – ‘I…doubt…that…’

Turtle plays right into Flash’s trap. As Flash pours in more speed and more energy Turtle sees his opportunity to strike by sending Flash straight into a wall without prior warning, only Flash anticipates this move, so as Turtle pours speed back into Walter, Flash using the timing to steal as much as he can to vibrate his molecules and pass through the crystal wall.

Turtle is not surprised by this move and awaits Flash’s return…

Zauriel vs. Black Panther

Zauriel flies out to the arid field, a small cluster of trees lay to the side, calm and almost dormant breeze rustles the occasional leaf and branch. The dry grass and heat are all too familiar a territory for the predator waiting in the shadows. Panther having being briefed to take on Captain America knows that he may face a tactic change. His initial plan was to ambush Captain America in the open and use his superior fighting skill to beat down Cap without any restrictions. His plan however, changed as the winged angel Zauriel, lands without caution on the grass.

Panther hurls his energy dagger from the shadows in which he hides. Zauriel’s angelic senses hear the fizz of the blade as it cuts at the wind. He manages to dive out of the way but not before taking a nick to the exposed area of his upper arm.

Panther lunges from behind the tall grass as Zauriel takes flight. He soars abovethe plain and heads to the over hang of branches to regain his thoughts. His plan was to take on the Panther but he wasn’t prepared for such a challenge. The Panther is a formidable foe to his enemies and Zauriel couldn’t take any chances. Nor could he take his time.

The cut given by the dagger gave Panther all the information he needed for his Kimoyo card. As soon as Zauriel has time to inspect the cut on his arm, he is forced to move as a wave of Vibranium tips fly towards his location. The energy dagger has given Panther the exact location of where his enemy is hiding.

Zauriel tests the water to see if the first time was coincidence or luck. He soon discovers T’Challa hot on his tail every time he lands.

Zauriel opts for the other approach. He flies down to confront Panther.

T’Challa draws the Ebony Blade, Zauriel draws his Flaming Sword. The two face each other a good 40 metres apart. They advance, blades raised like jousts. Panther roars as he brings his blade down towards Zauriel’s chest.

As the two blades collide a shock wave ripples across the ground knocking both off balance.

They look at their blades, amazed that neither of their weapons managed to break the other. The sword fight then ensues.

Zauriel knows that if his plan to take out Panther is to work then he needs to exhaust him.

The fencing style begins. Panther begins with the assault but finds he’s clearly out matched when it comes to using the blade. Zauriel (having trained with the blade since the dawn of time), has no trouble cutting the stitching away from the Vibranium weave armour. He uses great skill so as not to pierce the flesh beneath it. Panther is angered by the way in which Zauriel appears to toy with him. Panther goes for an unguarded lunge only to have the Ebony Blade knocked clean from his hands.

Zauriel being forgiving puts his own blade away. Panther then uses his agility and martial arts prowess to try and inflict damage to Zauriel but Zauriel uses his wings to obscure T’Challa’s vision as he move out of the way of the punches being sent at him.

Panther moves like a cat, darting from one area to the next to find a weak spot in the angels movements, he fails to find one, instead he creates a weak spot of his own, just the opening Zauriel was looking for. Zauriel grabs Panther by the waist and turns his body. Launching himself at great speed upwards he uses Panthers main weakness against him – his mortal need for oxygen.

Zauriel soars towards the thin atmosphere of the plains in which they fight. The air thins and within seconds Panther has lost consciousness. Zauriel floats back to the earth and lays Panther down.

After saying a prayer to God to spare his life and grant a full recovery in time, he heads of to assist his comrades.

Replicant vs. Quasar

Replicant flew through the halls in search of Turtle, knowing his light constructs could penetrate the field of energy absorption that Turtle gave off. As he flew past the walls of crystal he noticed a figure staring back at him, darting from one crystal to the next, surprised to not see his own reflection he approached. The figure vanished.

Quasar teleported to another section of the palace to see the same figure. As he approached it vanished again. Replicant jumped from crystal to crystal with Quasar in hot pursuit. Replicant, now happy he had Quasar where he wanted him, began his quick but effective attack.

As Quasar teleported in front of him Replicant slipped out of the wall and combined his heat wave and mirror abilities to create a blinding light which was reflected more so by the crystals. Quasar unable to cover the light even with his eyelids, finds himself struggling to focus. Replicant then proceeds to absorb the Quantum bands off the super heroes wrists reverting him back to his mortal state as Wendell Vaughn.

Wendell, not only weak from this but also surprised finds himself struggle to react. Replicant wastes no time in encasing Wendell (using his mirror master ability) in a single minute crystal stalactite suspended from the roof.

Replicant then makes his way to aid Grodd.

Gorilla Grodd and Replicant vs. Aquaman

The battle rages on for Grodd and Orin as both continue to assault each other (they haven’t been standing around aimlessly). Grodd refuses to lose to anyone who even resembles a homosapien. Orin whilst launching such an attack on Grodd’s mind also blasts a burst of scalding water at the ape. Grodd manages to dodge it but in doing so his mind is left wide open for attack, Aquaman blasts it as hard as he can until Grodd’s very brain almost bleeds.

Aquaman stands over the unconscious beast. He raises his water bearer hand ready to scald Grodd again. The water jettisons out of the magical artifact only to freeze in its place.

Aquaman looks up to see Replicant stood at the end of the corridor. Replicant creates numerous holographic projections of his self and slips into the wall. Aquaman tries to get a fix on his location with telepathy but he can’t find him until its too late.

Replicant sneaks up behind the water dweller and places his hand on his shoulder. He releases ice across his back freezing him in place. He then points to the sky and creates a thunder storm. Water falls upon Orin but not the type he needs to gain strength. The water is quickly being charged by the electricity in the air. The current runs through the Justice Leaguer. In an artificial electric chair Orin begins to feel the current surge through him until it’s too much for him to take and he blacks out.

Turtle vs. Flash

Flash continues to pour speed into the Turtle in hopes to over load him. Turtle absorbs it without much bother. Walter then pushes to limit and tries to tap into the speed force. A speed pocket opens, then another, then another. Turtle watches as Walter moves slower and slower as he seals the pockets with his vacuum ability.

Flash find himself almost out of breath, if he could move his lungs fast enough to find out, due to the amount of energy he put into the speed. The last thing he expects is for his lower half to begin moving. The top half remains and West finds his spine straining. He tries to apply speed to his upper body but Turtle refuses it. The muscles begin to rip in his spinal column and Turtle soon notices his body drop by about an inch even as it’s held in suspended animation. Turtle releases the hold and just stands and looks at the helpless Flash. His job is complete.

Captain America and Zauriel vs. Animal Man

Steve is aware that Animal Man can inherit the traits of any creature he wishes in a heart beat. The last thing he wants is a creature that can either fly or stampede him over a great distance so he lures Animal Man into the ‘Morgue’ The room is somewhat more confined than the others and Steve feels he can have a better control over the types of animal Buddy will be using.

Steve launches his shield at Buddy, but it’s a wild shot which is easily avoided by Buddy’s spider like ability. He clings to the wall and dodges all attacks from the ground that Steve sends. Leaping to the ground, Buddy adopts the gorilla and begins to swing at Steve. Cap retaliates with blows to the face and torso but against gorilla traits they are useless.

Buddy grabs Steve and wraps his arms around Steve’s. His arms coil and crush as the gorilla strength over powers. Steve can’t move, the shield falling from his hand under the strain.

Cap’s left arm cracks as Buddy holds on, but his hold soon fails as Buddy clutches his ears. Zauriel’s sonic scream cripples him removing his focus. Buddy quickly acts as Zauriel flies in. He changes his attributes for hearing to the snake and manages to work past the scream. Buddy uses the spider ability again to try and ensnare Zauriel in a web but Zauriel slices it with his sword. Zauriel is too, forced to the ground by the limited space in the room.

A double attack is performed by Zauriel and Steve to try and take out Buddy. As Buddy leaps around Zauriel again tries his Sonic Scream. Buddy adopts the traits of the snake again only this time he fails to hear the shield ricocheting off the walls and, incidentally, the side of his skull. Buddy falls unconscious.

The HOTNA remain, whilst injured and battered, victorious once again.

Side note – A snake does not hear airborne sounds and thus makes Zauriel’s sonic scream useless, however, the scream was used again as Buddy’s trait had changed therefore leaving an opening as he can only use one at a time. Although he did block it again he could hear anything then.

Quasar is powered abilities-wise by the bands which Replicant has the ability to remove without touching (he only has to see) and even though he never used the abilities from the bands himself, they are still absorbed and out of Quasars use.

Also note if its not Orin Harlekin has then just imagine I typed Arthur. Its just Orin was the one in the link that had the Waterbearer hand.
Running short on time, so I just got a bare bones writeup up.


The members of Team Alpha Wolf Squadron materialize into the Panoptichron. They’re all familiar with the team and the purpose of the tournament. They’re also all good guys, so they should have no problem working together, and working together well. Aquaman and Black Panther will take natural command, Aquaman as field leader, and Black Panther as tactician.

Now, my team is going to be extremely familiar with the opposing team. Replicant, Gorilla Grodd and the Turtle won’t be just known to Dark Flash, but Grodd will also be known to Aquaman and Animal Man. Zauriel and Aquaman were good buddies during their time on the JLA, and Black Panther and Quasar know all about Captain America. Which, of course, is where things get interesting.

Black Panther will know that Captain America will try his darndest to get his team to work together, although it’ll be a little hard. The Turtle’s pretty dim-witted, Replicant might as well be crazy and Gorilla Grodd has a big old ego problem. Only Zauriel would have no problem in following Captain America’s lead. There’s also an even bigger problem: all three bad guys will want to go after the Flash, and that’ll definitely lead to conflict between the members of HOTNA.

Now, Dark Flash wouldn’t be familiar with the Turtle’s new powers, but he’ll still have this info because of the descriptions that come along with the line-ups. ‘A black hole for kinetic energy’ should be enough to discern that Turtle can steal speed. Of course, that makes him extremely dangerous, but the bigger threat is still Replicant. If he can get his hands on Quasar’s quantum bands, then it all hits the fan.

“I’ll take care of Replicant. I still owe him for last time,” Flash notes.
“Then I’ll try and take down this Turtle character,” Quasar replies.
“All you need to do is keep him busy while I take care of Replicant.”
“How are you going to do that? Didn’t he clean your clock last time?” Aquaman asks.
“I’ll find a way.”

The opposing team is further divided between the members of Team Alpha Wolf Squadron. Black Panther will be moving to take on Captain America, assisted by Animal Man, who will seek to engage Zauriel. Aquaman goes for Gorilla Grodd. Naturally, the remaining hours of preparation time are spent training and preparing.

The fight starts, and both teams immediately jump into action.

Replicant jumps into one of the many reflective surfaces in the Panoptichron. He’s gone. The Turtle slowly moves forward, while Gorilla Grodd bounds away in search of Aquaman. Zauriel and Captain America cautiously make their way through the fortress, sticking together as planned.

At the other side, Flash breaks into a run immediately, racing towards the other team. Aquaman similarly leaves his team, aiming to take care of Grodd alone. Quasar flies after the Flash, heading for the other team as well. Black Panther and Animal Man do as their opponents, and cautiously make their way through the crystal fortress.

Dark Flash vs. Turtle
The Dark Flash arrives at the other team’s location before they’ve even moved. Time is slowed around him, and he can see the team breaking apart. He spots Replicant, who is halfway into one of the crystals. The Dark Flash runs after him, but he can feel himself slowing down and Replicant speeding up. Replicant is able to escape. Ever so slowly, the Flash can hear the Turtle’s taunting voice.

“Hello… Flash…” he manages to say.

Dark Flash turns towards his opponent, a little horrified by the fact he’s lost his speed. It’s a feeling that quickly makes way for anger, as he mentally kicks himself for letting Replicant go and essentially falling into the Turtle’s trap. The Turtle laughs as he seeps away more and more speed, and Dark Flash futilely tries to reach him.

“You’ll never be fast enough,” the Turtle taunts, his speech speeding up as he steals the crimson speedster’s energy.
“Don’t… need… to… be,” the Dark Flash replies, as he pushes forward, focussing.

The Turtle screams.

“What are you… doing?”
“Tapping… into… your… brain’s… chemicals.”
“You… you… can’t.”
“I can.”

Dark Flash smiles as the Turtle keels over, falling on his back.

“SurprisedWallydidn’tthinkofthat,” the Dark Flash says as he speeds up again.

Meanwhile, Replicant has found Quasar, and attacks:
Quasar vs. Replicant
This is a relatively straight-forward battle at first. Of course, it isn’t according to plan, but that’s not something Quasar is unfamiliar with. While Replicant will want to pour it on first, Quasar is going to go on the defensive, trying to contact the Dark Flash to help him out. In the meantime, any attack Replicant throws at him can be redirected or absorbed.

Of course, that’s when the brilliance of Replicant’s powers come in, as he locks on to Quasar’s quantum bands. As the forcefields drop and the power fades away, the bands disappear from Quasar’s arms and reappear on Replicant. They are his now, granting him unspeakable power. Quasar is left Wendell Vaughn, powerless.

From this point, the battle can take two turns:
1. Replicant is deemed tuber and, disqualified from the match, is teleported away
This is a pretty likely theory, as Replicant already possesses an enormous amount of power. Not only has he avoided defeat another uber’s hands, namely the Flash, but he should be able to hold his own against most other ubers as well. His powers are truly vast and versatile. Combined with the Quantum bands, one of the most powerful tools in the Marvel universe? I’d wager that’d put him over the top.

2. Replicant explodes
I’ve formulated it rather crudely, but that is what happens to those who can’t properly control the quantum bands. Naturally, after Quasar is depowered, Replicant will move to kill him, and he’ll want to use his own power source against. Quasar’s rescue comes along in the form of the Dark Flash, fresh off his victory over the Turtle.

“Youokay?” the Flash asks Quasar as he drops him somewhere in the Panoptichron.
“Sure, just take care of him.”

Flash is gone before he’s even heard Quasar’s reply, and returns to Replicant. Replicant will be gloating by now, taunting the Flash. This is what he’s looked forward to for years now. This is why he has his powers. His ultimate life goal: to destroy the Flash. He’s going to want to do it with his enemy’s own teammate’s powers, for extra poetic justice.

Tapping into all of his speed, Flash is able to dodge all blasts.

Replicant keeps pouring it on.

Flash can only remain on the defensive, as the environment around him is destroyed.

“I’ll kill you!” Replicant screams madly as he calls on more and more power.

Which is when things go wrong. Lest we forget, the quantum bands are still significantly different from other cosmic sources, including DC’s Green Lantern rings. While they are powered by the ferocity of the user’s will, the Quantum bands are dependant on the user’s relaxed state of mind. Even more specific, a lack of killer instinct is required to properly control the bands *.

It almost cost Quasar his life when he first donned the bands, and killed all of his predecessors.

It will kill Replicant as well. He loses control over the power input, can’t shut off the energy building inside him.

It releases in a bright explosion that rocks the entirety of the fortress.

When the smoke clears, the quantum bands are on the floor. Replicant has disintegrated, while the Dark Flash leans against a wall, tired.

We move on to the battle of the mediums:
Aquaman vs. Gorilla Grodd
These two know each other well, having faced one another before. They’ll both be on their guard as they first engage in telepathic combat. No clear winner comes from it, and the two decide to fight each other physically. That’s a battle Grodd has little to no chance of winning, however. Not only is Aquaman stronger, he is also faster.

The two battle, as they also blast at each other’s minds. The fight takes quite a bit out of Grodd and he goes for a desperate gambit: one big psionic blast to finish it off. Aquaman struggles, but Grodd really pours it on and he’s able to wrest control of Aquaman’s mind. Mind control, is, ultimately, Grodd’s specialty, and therefore he should have some advantage in this.

Aquaman fights against the mind control, and is narrowly able to separate his water hand from his body. Directing the hand against Gorilla Grodd, the simian is surprised when the hand clasps onto Grodd and starts to dehydrate him. Grodd’s control starts to slip, and Aquaman regains control. With a quick and devastating punch, he lays Grodd out on the floor. The hand returns to him, and Aquaman slowly moves to aid his teammates.

Now we come to what I think is the toughest battle:
Black Panther and Animal Man vs. Captain America and Zauriel
The way I see this going is that these two teams meet each other about halfway in the crystal fortress. Stealth is largely prohibited by the multitude of reflective surfaces, but Panther’s cloaking tech should give him and Animal Man some edge. Zauriel will still be able to see them, being an angel and all, but it does allow them to take Captain America by surprise somewhat.

As Animal Man flies to Zauriel, Black Panther engages Captain America. Zauriel and Animal Man do some aerial combat, Buddy narrowly avoiding Zauriel’s flaming sword, tapping into as much speed as he can. Captain America and Black Panther exchange blows, neither really gaining an edge for a while.

Of course, great minds think alike, and both tacticians instruct a switch of opponents.

Animal Man charges down, calling upon the density of a rhino. He lands squarely on top of Captain America’s shield, forcing the Captain to the ground. Of course, Captain America is not out and forces Animal Man back with his shield. Animal Man unleashes an electric blast, but it is easily blocked by the Captain’s shield. The Captain charges for him, but borrowing the jumping abilities of a flea, Animal Man easily dodges the attack.

Meanwhile, the Panther flings his energy daggers at Zauriel, which the angel easily dodges. He strikes downwards in a similar motion to Animal Man, his flaming sword drawn. Black Panther blocks it with the Ebony blade. Zauriel is shocked that his flaming sword has met an opponent it cannot break. Black Panther gives the angel a kick, pushing him back. In retaliation, Zauriel unleashes a scream, sending the Panther hurtling back.

Animal Man does the same, using the snapping sound of a pistol shrimp to create a sonic blast and attack Zauriel. The angel takes the full brunt of the manoeuvre, but it does little to damage him. Animal Man charges in, using his superior speed, and quickly delivers a blow to Zauriel’s armour. Even against the strength of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the armour holds.

Captain America is about to aid Zauriel by flinging his shield at Animal Man, when the Black Panther drops on top of him. Both thrown to the floor, the two struggle for dominance. The Panther’s claws make quick work of the Captain’s uniform. The Captain manages to force the Panther off him and throws him back.

He stands up, but is thrown against the floor again when Animal Man is knocked against him by Zauriel’s scream. Animal Man jumps away as quick as he can, heading for Zauriel again. The angel strikes with his flaming sword, causing a deep gash in his opponent’s arm. It heals as Animal Man calls on the regenerative abilities of reptiles and worms.

Zauriel moves again to strike with his sword, but Animal Man now calls upon the power of a sun-eater. Using the space creature’s awesome powers, he snuffs the blade of its fire. This has been done before, and we’re talking about a creature that can snuff out stars and suns here, so the flaming sword should be doable. Too powerful for Animal Man? He’s done it before, and there’s a free uber spot with the depowering of Quasar. **

Zauriel is momentarily caught off-guard, and Animal Man quickly moves to incapacitate him. Even though Zauriel is a top notch regular and an angel, there is still only so much punishment he can withstand. Going all out, Animal Man is able to knock the angel out.

Meanwhile, the Panther and the Captain have been in combat as well. The Panther’s disarmed the Captain, so that he can’t interfere in the Zauriel/Animal Man battle. The Captain’s taken care of the Panther’s claws and thrown away his blade. This is pure mano a mano combat.

This has been a heavily discussed battle before, but it is my personal opinion that the Panther should be able to defeat the Captain. He has the skills, the powers and the intelligence to take him down. It’ll be a long and hard fought battle, but ultimately I think that the Panther should be able to place the Captain in a position advantageous for him, and then take care of him.


* Truly, this is a vital point, established in the first issue of the Quasar series and reaffirmed in the years following. Wendell Vaughn is one of the few people in the known universe who can properly wield the bands. Of course, this is not a fair victory by any means, but it is the most fair to the characters involved.

** If this is deemed improbably or just plain against the rules, it doesn’t really matter. Dark Flash should have found his way to his remaining teammates is quite able to assist them. He could easily save Animal Man and team with him and the Panther to defeat the last two remaining HOTNA’ers.
A few points there Harl

Firstly just because Replicant has taken the bands and absorbed their powers doesnt mean hee's tuber. If he was to use the power then yes. But just absorbing the bands wouldnt.

Secondly he wouldnt explode. I believe the only time anyone over loaded with the bands was when they used the power from them if Replicant doesnt use that power he wont explode. And since he doenst need to use the bands then that scenario would never arise.

I dont see Zauriel falling so easily to Animal Man. Zauriel is an angel and therefore doesnt suffer fatigue or feel pain half as much as mortals. Animal Man would tire before taking down Zauriel.

As for Panther vs Captain America - I wholely agree that Panther could take Cap so no qualms there.

Aquaman again I see that outcome (hence I had the same outcome in my write up.)

I dont agree however that you can upgrade a character mid battle just because one of your Ubers is taken out. Its not like you down powered Quasar, my character did. Atleast with a strategy like AS's he chose to down power some characters to open that spot. Although saying that I dont think Animal Man would push his rank up just for being able to extinguish a mystical flaming sword so your ok.

You mention that my team wouldnt work together yet you then state that your team knows the rules of the competition and that they should get on. Wouldnt mine be the same considering they've been in a team together for weeks now?

I cleared up the fact that,yes all three would want to go for Flash but they saw reason in their selection and their abilities to counter the others.

Whilst Grodd may loath Flash he also detests the JLA and would have no problems with agreeing to challenge Aquaman. Replicant is a cocky guy and knows what his powers can do and can quickly figure out he is selected to disarm Quasar (Which wouldnt make him tuber as the power hasnt been used) and Turtle knows hes the best equipped to tackle the fastest man alive.

Other than that I enjoyed your write up and this last week is going to be a tough one and im glad its a contested match.
Replicant is a villain, a relatively insane one at that, suddenly possessing more power than he's ever felt. Of course he's going to want to use it.

Also, being tuber or not does not depend on whether you use the power or not. Otherwise I might as well have Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet and just have him not use it.

As for why my team gets on and yours doesn't: It has nothing to do with the competition. I noted that to show that they wouldn't need any explanation as to what's about to happen. And my team is going to get along because they partially know each other outside of the tourney, and don't have an archnemesis on the other side they want to kill.
Replicant isnt a relatively insane villain. He is very intelligent as he's spent alot of time observing past errors. Just because he absorbs a weapon doesnt mean he'll use it. For an example see the scan I added. He absorbed the guns but didnt fire bullets back. He uses what he thinks is suitable. Instead of creating a light construct against Quasar he found it easier to just use mirror masters abilities and trap him in a crystal.

And if your team doesnt need to explain then the same would apply for mine. They know the drill. They know they have to cooperate to be victorious which in the end is any villains goal.

It was always agreed that the initial few weeks there would be tension between the team players and whenever a new character was introduce but after being in a team for weeks on end then it was seen that they knew to cooperate and work together. Exceptions to that are people like Darkseid and Thanos.
The guns were completely useless, since he has far more powerful powers at his disposal. The same can't be said about the quantum bands. He'll want to use them.

And it's still not quite the same where your team is concerned. These are three Flash-hating Rogues. All they care about is themselves killing the Flash. They're not going to work together very well.
If anything those three will work together very well....they all have the same goal and if it means stopping the rest of the team from protecting their most feared enemy then they will.

Replicant wont necessarily want to use the power. He will want to defeat his foe as fast as possible. And thats exactly what he did. It isnt Tuber to disarm someone and if you thought this even before your write up its something you shouldve brought up prior to not during as a means to win votes.

He is an intelligent villain and knows how best to use his abilities. And creating light constructs isnt something that would be a valuable ability to him. He has far more effective and powerful powers to toy with.
I didn't actually think of it before I did it here. And it's not about disarming. It's about absorbing the bands. Also, they do a lot more than just make light constructs. You should know this.
Yes they allow teleportation (which he doesnt need cos he can jump from crystal to crystal), flight which he doesnt need (for the same reason as above),Light constructs (which proved useless for his attack against Quasar) and energy manipulation (which he doesnt need as he can create any element of the periodic table using Dr.Alchemy's ability)

so all he needed to do was absorb the bands....they didnt serve any other purpose.
They're also unbelievably powerful. The powers Replicant possesses are ultimately at a regular, low-end medium level at best. To actually tap into that kind of unbridled power, when given the chance? No villain has ever given that up.
But why would he use a power that is useless to him when he has others at his disposal?
Last time: the quantum bands possess immense cosmic power. Do you really, honestly, think that when Replicant has these babies on, he won't think: 'Hey, wow, these are some pretty powerful little bands. I wonder what they'd be like to <ZAP!> Oh cool! <ZAP!> <ZAP!> <ZAP!> <ZAP!> <EXPLODE>'

And that's the really last thing I have to say on the subject.
Firstly when he absorbs, he doesnt put on....

The bands wouldnt appear on his wrist...they just vanish and second he wouldn't be thinking ooo what does this do because he was busy trapping Wendell in the crystal.He is intelligent like I said and wouldnt use something that he has no need for. His ability to disarm is all that he needs when it comes to the bands.

Object all you want but this isnt just some power mad villain. He's clever in the way he uses his powers.

And second - Doesnt flash have to touch someone to affect their speed?
No, the Flash does not need to touch you to affect you.
but he has to pour out speed to affect the chemicals in someones brain?
but Turtle is absorbing all speed.There isnt any speed to tap into. For Flash to tap into speed he would need to be able to get past the black hole of speed stealing. Thats an impossible feat. For someone who is moving and no real threat then yes it would work but against Turtle that would be impossible. Any speed you attempt to use against Turtle would just be drained whether you stole it from others or made it yourself
How can Turtle absorb his own speed? Right, he can't. That's what the Flash is tapping into.
Turtle doesnt have speed. He's slow....too slow...for someone to tap into that would be like trying to fill a 2 litre bottle up with a dripping tap. Its not gonna happen.Thats how much speed flash would get. next to none. it takes him minutes if not longer to move a few steps.hes probably the worst person to try and take speed from.

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