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Duplicate Dude

Hi, im kinda new to these boards. I guess you could say im a long time listener first time poster, but i've just gotta say Spider-Man (which ever title you're going for) is pretty bloody great right about now (especially after seeing the preview of Amazing 529). I know the majority of you hated the whole 'other' stoyline not to mention the organic webbing episode, but for me personally im loving where this is going. Ok, bear with me here! Before we start i would ask each and every one of you to sit back & remember why it is Spider-Man means so much to you. For me,the way i got involved with Spidey is because my Dad was working for a paper disposal firm & would bring back the odd issue of Amazing circa the clone saga. I would sit there with my milk and chocolate bouban biscuit late at night and get involved with whatever trouble Peter got himself himself into that week. I know that doesnt mean much to you guys right now but i know for a fact you all have your own special stories as to how you got involved with Spidey. Ok, anyway i just wanna say despite how much we can be annoyed with the clone saga, the 'other' story, the organic webbing stuff, Quasada & the fact that i soooooo want JRjr back on the Amazing title i feel we should all just chill and realise why it is that we're all so annoyed with the way the Spidey titles are going. It's because we bloody love Peter Parker & Co. and we just want it to be the way it has always been. You get up early on a Saturday, get your titles, pick up maybe a flap jack and then just devote an hour or two with Spidey. Without the big arguments and the civil war chores. Just to sit down and watch some dude with the amazing proportionate speed,strength and agility of a spider do his thing. Am i wrong??? :ninja:
Hey ,Duplicate Dude.
You're so right.I belive you love the character as much as I do.:spidey:
Welcome to the Hype!
Welcome to the Hype! To get a avatar you need 300 posts by the way.
Where can i get one of those chocolate bouban thingies?

They sound delicious! :yay:
Welcome to the hype.Always a pleasure to hear from a new fan that has not become jadded.
Spidey rules

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