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Sep 24, 2005
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At first I thought this had to be a fake, but then I went there to check it out; yup, pretty much the same threads. ROFL
"Bi-emo searching for a bi-emo friend ;)"
"One of my favorite jokes makes me want to cut"

LOFL! Wow.

You guys should sign up.

I'm the "flea" on those forums.
"Would this make me a poser?"

"My favorite joke makes me want to cut."

"Yes or No To emoboys kissing."

Hahahaha, this is the sort of stuff that makes you long for World War III.
Wow, how bout we thin the gene pool.
All in favor of sabotaging those forums?
^I'm ready to get IP banned. :up:

Haha, I can't wait for an emo lurking around here to see this, get mad, and start defending this trash.
Bi-emo searching for a bi-emo? Why am I not surprised?

It seems that every single emo is bi, and has made out with the same sex before.
Emo's almost make me miss Goths. Emo's are like watered down crybaby Goths
I joined earlier this morning, been trolling since. It's awesome.

The Spawn, I think I saw a few posts of yours there. I'm "No_Desgination". Yeah, typo, I know.

I saw a few pictures, including that girl posted a few posts up. Awesome hilarious.
That site is Troll Heaven. Or Hell, depending on how you look at it.
Are you guys seriously thinking of raiding it? Cuz that would be AWESOME.

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