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Eternal Youth or Invincibility?

Eternal Youth (Spa). Sorry, it reminded me of the BTAS epsiode. :p
redmarvel said:
I've already got option 1, so I pick option 2.

The problem with eternal youth is:

a) watching all your friends & family grow old and die
b) trying to get seniors discounts when you look like you're 24
c) being expected to continue to hold down a job when you've already worked for 50 years
d) being treated like you know nothing by people young enough to be your son/daughter (or even grand child). You can get pretty tired of hearing "you'll know better when you reach my age".

:up: x a billion
I chose Invincibility. I don't want to out live my kids (when I get some), my grandchildren, my great-great grandchildren etc etc.

But if I had memory loss like Logan....maybe...
Odin's Lapdog said:
it means you have control of your own final destiny, your time doesn't necessary have to end when nature stays so...

some would say that is ultimate power.

It defeats the whole purpose. Why bother to take any chances in life if you know you'll live forever. You'll might as well live in a box hoping you'll never be hit by a car and be paralyzed from the neck down or sleep with the wrong girl and get aids, etc, etc..
A plus side to living for ever is that you can live to see the next 50 Bond films...... wait a minute, never mind.

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