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The Wolverine First Official Photo


Neat, I guess.
Looks good.. But I wanted some samurai stuff. Like swords through him...
thats not a photo, thats a drawing. a photo suggest it is based on a real life person in it. this picture has no living thing in it at all.
thats not a photo, thats a drawing. a photo suggest it is based on a real life person in it. this picture has no living thing in it at all.

My first impressions were a drawing as well...is it just a heavily airbrushed photo?
Seems Fox has turned to deviantArt for their press-stuff :p
It's a photo, but photoshopped/aurbrushed to infinity. Still, it looks badass, and that's what matters the most here. I like it. Dig the shorter hairdo, kinda Cockrum-ish and it looks more natural that way in live-action.
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Yeah, I like the hair. Good thing film isn't made up of promotional photos...
It's very stylish and the photoshopping makes it kinda comic book-y, I dig that.
I love it! I love the almost comicbook-like style of it, I love how absolutely badass he looks. Yes. Oh, yes.
Yeah, very comic book cover-ish. Now if we see something like that in motion, that will be the litmus test.
That photo could've easily been used in Origins, that's how nondescript it is. Where's the Japanese setting?

I would've killed for an action shot of Hugh and Will Yun Lee or Shingen Yasuda. Shirtless Wolverine is a dime-a-dozen these days...
There's what looks like a Japanese temple in the background.
it looks more like Hugh Jackman than Wolverine. but cool photo and background
He has that lean muscular look still going on but i thought he was trying to go for more of stocky broad look compared to the last film?

I guess that delay in filming took a toll to how massive he could get?
^^ yeah...i thought he even asked the Rock for tips how to get bigger..

That said, i don't think the stocky broad look would work well with this version of Wolvie.

It would work if Jackman is a short guy.

Still...it's a pretty impressive look nonetheless.Wonder how long it took him to get in that shape. I imagine that it's gotta be tough, then again Jackman has always been a gym rat, so..
Alright, finally something official. Nothing special, but its nice to see things are moving right along. I agree its a little heavy on the photoshop, but studio shots usually are. The claws look thinner, and sharper, which is what has always bugged me with these movies, they always make the claws so damn thick and square. His hair looks a bit too short for my liking, but it looked better in the set photos.

I love how Jackman gets even more ripped every time he comes back. Say what you will about his Wolverine, he clearly loves the role, and gives it all he's got every time. This is the Wolvy I've been waiting to see...Now....I want some damn Silver Samurai photos :cwink:
When do we get to see Mariko, is the real question.

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