Fleeing Suspect Killed By Alligator

According to Florida state law the animal must be destroyed.

Just for vigilantism. :csad:
Damn you Florida law! Alligator did nothing wrong..bastard shouldn't have been trying to escape...let alone in the Everglades.
悪魔天;13233111 said:
Till I run out of weird stories I suppose.I think it has come to an end for now Banky.

I understand, the tree man did catch my attention, but this is normal, somehow :o
Screw that. Capture it. Put it on an alligator farm, & name it Batman, or Batgirl.

Poncho you will be avenged!
Poncho? That is that Alligator on Miami Vice right?
the Gators gonna die for doing a good deed...sad world we live in
Somewhere, up i nheaven, Carl Weathers is shaking his wooden fist.
Poncho will take his other hand when he gets up there,then Rory will set them both on fire.

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