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Comics help please - spectacular spider-man #223


Feb 21, 2007
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im planning on going on milehigh comics to order other issues of incomplete story arcs i have. these are mainly comics i got when i was younger and now i want to start filling in the gaps.

this issues story is PART 2 of "aftershocks". and i spent half an hour clicking on almost every core title issue on spiderfan.org trying to find part 1 to no avail. seriously. this came out in april 95, and i went all the back to january 95.

if anyone knows what comic part 1 is, i will love them forever.
wow, thanks man. i dont know why i couldnt find it before...your my new hero!

edit: i think i know what happened, sm57 has two links on the monthly listings at spiderfan, i mustve clicked on the one for the variant cover that doesnt have any info, besides it being a variant.

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