Hensleighs Script vs Current Script

Aside from the evil thing, this is why Wal-Mart sucks. They are just big enough to have prices low enough to make the specialty shops disappear (like crafts shops and toy stores) and not big enough to actually have all the stuff you could get from these stores, because of the limited shelf space used for stuff like lube and guns. This means instead of dring fifteen minutes to where Hobby Lobby or Toys R Us used to be, you have to drive like 45 minutes now to get to one thats still actually open.
Bah, I'm opposed to Walmart getting more advertising then it already those, fascist corporation it is.

you know, the nazis had pieces of flair that they made the jews wear.
I never understood, why Flair? Why? Whats it's purpose?
If someone could PM me the (ahem) location of one of the WARZONE scripts, I would greatly appreciate it.
I have a piece of flair that reads "This is prolly my awesomest button".
I'm very interested in taking a look at Lexi's draft. PM me, I have lots of stuff to trade (something about a guy with claws in his hands, a return of a horned guy from hell, a guy who can handle all kinds of metal, one who lives in Valhalla, a girl that has an invisible jet etc).

Hensleigh's draft wasn't all too bad. I thought his final showdown worked quite well.
Were can I Get Hensleighs Script?
Please tell me....please......:csad:

No but seriously,Wal-mart are just a bunch 'o Corporate Nazis,****ing pigs:unishr:

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