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Days of Future Past Hereee Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! : The Ellen Page/Shadowcat thread!


May 5, 2008
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She's back!


What size role she'll have remains to be seen but this is great news!

Ellen was just at Sundance and was asked what's next for her and she said nothing about this.


(She was just there premiering a film with with Anna Paquin's True Blood costar Skaarsssgaaaard who she's good friends with also. That's a fun connection :woot:)


Totally don't care if it's just a little cameo in the film. I'll take it!
Maybe she'll be the time traveler.
This is definitely the most exciting news so far for me.
I'm not even a big Ellen Page fan (nor a Kitty Fan...don't hurt me) but this is very exciting news indeed.
I don't dare dream of her being the time traveller because that's too exciting. I'll keep my expectations low because if she's isn't the focal point, it'll be sooo disappointing. :funny:

But there is a HUUUGGEEE possibility that this can happen now that she's cast.
Are they going to revisit that love triangle again?
I figured she'd be back. Shadowcat is pretty much the linchpin of the damn storyline.
This is definitely the most exciting news so far for me.


:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

Ellen Page back???? is this real???

and Anna Paquin too????? :waa:

THANKS Singer!!! and Fox, and even Ratner! lol
Can someone post the manip of the DOFP cover with the real life actors? It was great and could be pretty accurate now :hehe:
Wow! Ellen Page is one of the last people I expected to return.
This is good news, but I'm not that surprised. Ellen Page has become a pretty big name since The Last Stand.
It wasn't even that fully developed in the first place. Probably better to just be forgotten.

Agreed. It was just there to help justify Rogue taking the cure, and it made Rogue look bad. Blah. Leave it in the past.
I can't hate Ratner fully for that movie also because Rothman more or less brought him in as an ass to warm the seat at the last minute.
A big Ellen fan and a huge Kitty fan! And I thought she did good with what little her character was given in X-Men 3. Extremely excited about this! Secretly hoped but never thought it would actually happen! :awesome:
Didn't she already have that codename in X3?
I'm glad Shadowcat is in this. Like many have said before, if the storyline is to remain truest to the source material, she's the one mutant who'd have to be in it. Ellen Page's casting practically confirms what many of us have debated. X-Men: The Last Stand is not being retconned, for better or for worse.
Now what would be a straight copout yet something I wouldn't object to is if the timeline alteration caused Cyclops and Prof. X to still be alive. After all the ******** they've done to him as of late, he deserves to have some kind of redemption in media.

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