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How should the movie end?


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Apr 10, 2006
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I don't think this has been done before :) if it has, sorry :( :)

I was just wondering what way everyone thinks the movie should end (like last scene)

I think it should be something like at the end of the Phoenix saga... when the watcher says something like "Jean grey could have become a god but it was important she die a human"

Maybe Storm or Prof X (if he survives) could say this as they look down on her tomb stone and it has engraved "she will rise again..."

Although I'm still torn between Jean living or not

If she lived I'd like it to end with the X-Men declaring peace on national TV or something (to end the trilogy optimistically, with humans accepting mutants) [though I doubt that would happen]

What are your thoughts? :confused:
Simon Kinberg said that the final scene will make you feel that there is hope for the X-Men. I think it will probably be back at the mansion, with all the X-Men there. Storm would be running the place and Beast will be there to help.
i don't think she will survive. cyclops neither

at one point the x-men comics turned very dark, i hope the movie will follow the same way. that means a whole lot of dying for the cast! x-men 3 will be the last movie right?
I have a couple of things I'd personally like to see.

Firstly I want Cyclops to die at the beginning of the movie....but not really. Like at the end revist the lake area with his body prone and you just see like a shadowy figure hovering over him. And some lines in a british accent about the bloodline or something or other.

Also some other scene of a similar nature but with Angel (obviously he would "die" more towards the end)

I seriously don't wanna see people dieing and coming back constatnly in these movies but Id like some foreshadowing that people who are familiar with the comics or even cartoon would understand and that the general audience would think "i doubt ill see them again"

In either case I'd like foreshadowing of Sinister. I'm dead tired right now and not really thinking to hard, but hopefully I come up with some better "ending scenes"
With Cyclops and The Fonz :D

I would like to see a kinnda "Empire Strikes Back" ending, with the no hope with mutants and humans co-exsisting
With Jean's death.
But I want it to be big, the highlight of the movie. I want a really sad ending.
She dies... lots of pain, anger and tears... and then silence... the end.
cyclops and jean riding off in the sunset... then being attacked and captured by sinister and setting up for x4 !!!!!!!
Scott & Jean live & Scott & Jean goes on a Vacation. The last Scene of the Movie Scott & Jean on his bike riding into the Sun Set & then all of a sudden his Bike stop's & then Scott say's "****ing Logan"

The End

The ending should be.........

With Gambit randomly throwing a playing card at the camera, and then cut to teh credits!
well in the trailer when leech is running to storm you can see all the kids in the background with luggage and it looks like they are all coming back to the school. Kinberg said it ends looking like there is hope for the xmen so I reckon we will see everyone getting back into the old routine after the war. There will probably be some kind of ban on the cure publicly announced (maybe by one Dr Essex ;) ), just all around peace really until X4 that is.....
*scratches head*


I'm not sure why some are thinking this ensemble film should end with Cyclops (what is that? :confused: ), but considering this is allegedly the final X-Men film I'd like to see a montage of scenes of all the survivors going about their daily routines with some sort of voiceover--perhaps the mainstay "Evolution" motto that sandwiches the first two films.

A glimpse of the entire X-Men family united together would also be appropriate.
I want the last scene to leave me extatic and wanting more. ;P
mutants are shipped to a desert in the middle east, text comes up at the end "and the mutants wondered the desert for 40 years before returning home"
I've got a hunch that the funeral be near the end, but I think the end itself will be the school opening up again.
Lightning Strikez! said:
*scratches head*


I'm not sure why some are thinking this ensemble film should end with Cyclops (what is that? :confused: )

sure ensemble, hehehe. i think since cyclops has been the most overlooked character since x1, it would be nice to show him some due. this is ofcourse wishful thinking since he's getting whacked 15 minutes into the film. :eek: hehehe

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