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World How'd you become an X-fan?


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Sep 14, 2001
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Hey everyone, i just decided to make a poll based on how you personally became an X-men fan :)
The comics, myself. Chris Claremont/John Bryne's "Dark Phoenix Saga" is what made me a fan.
Cartoon. I always used to watch it as a little kid and I became a big fan.
I watched the cartoon when I was little. Then I got into the comics....
Cartoon was AWESOME! Same here PWN3R.
i just want the dang thing to come out on DVD in seasons....
Seriously, they would make a killing off the dvd sales....:(
i really dont see why they havent... the only marvel cartoon of the 90's weve gotten in that format was the short lived fantasic four
indeed, i became a fan through spidey and x-men animated series.. and started reading comics to find out more.. :D
I became a fan after watching the movies :up:
I use to watch the cartoons on fox which got me into the x-men, then when the spidey film came out my love of comics came about and I started to collect comics ever since :up:
Wowthe amount of people who got into xmen through the cartoon is mahoosive! Im a comics man myself and now i feel a little alone!
the powers of cartoons eh?
Comics from 1990 ish
Watching the cartoons in the 90's when i was a kid, i would love to see them again though they are great, i wounder if they are on DVD?
sadly in season no, there not :( but theres a few DVD's that have certain episodes on it..
I began watching the 90s cartoon. Eventually swaw the comics and dismissed as some crazy thing (the first cover I ever saw was X-Men 3, the one where they are all fighting each other) I was like... what's Colossus doing with them? And Archangel? Who's that purple haired girl??? And who is that man of ice? What's his name, Iceman? And eventually I learned the comics were first and the cartoon was a spin off and well started reading the comics (X-Men 7 was my first issue). I was truly amazed when I learned Iceman's name was Iceman like I thought when I saw the cover...
Well, I watched the animated series when I was younger, like 5, then it got canceled. Then I got into Evo, but they canceled that after about a year. Then I saw X-men a few months before X2 came out. Then I saw X2 and became obsessed.
I started with the comics and then dropped out for a while. The first X-men movie got me right back in and I've been hooked ever since. :)
I started watching the cartoons - loved them - and then moved on to the comics... :)

My favorite character in the cartoons was Storm and then when I moved on to the comics, I fell in love with Jean as well. I disliked the way she was in the cartoons - all fainty and moany ('Oh... Scott!').

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