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Hype: Movie II: The Unofficial Sequel Sign-up


Dec 28, 2005
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MC and I are presenting the new sequel to Spawn's classic Hype: movie. Get ready to sign up for this total testament of awesomeness. Here is an example of how to sign up:
:up: Good luck.
Can I sign up?

anyhoo, Ill give it a shot

Name: The Last Meatbag
Super Powers: Samurai-esque dude
In the future, everything is a machine, and many of the humans are have cybernetic implants in their bodies to help prevent disease, all of these people live in some city, the only remaining city.
However there was one remaining group of people out in the wasteland, who were Organics, a slang many people used for them were, the Meatbags. The organics were similar to samurai, they hunted their own food, and they only used old fashioned tools and the only weapon they used was a sword/katana. One day, the same as every other, the people were attacked, and either killed or imprisoned by officers from Valture city. the entire village was destroyed or used for resources, and the organics were used for testing. One boy was out hunting for food (best thing I could think of) while this entire thing happened. He made it his life to free the rest of the organics, and the people of the last remaining city came to know of him as..........The Last Meatbag
Group Affiliation: Will stand with anyone else who stands for a good cause

Unofficial... and unauthorized first poster. :confused:
Will this one be anything like a certain show? Like the last one was like Lost?
JJ says it's just a tribute to the first one (movie) with more humor and fleshed out characters. So dunno. Spawn's original Hype Movie, from what I read, had a lot of movie references. But it never really got posted, so. :confused: This one will be though, entirely at least.
Master Chief said:

Unofficial... and unauthorized first poster. :confused:
Too awesome.:eek: And meatbag, this is gonna be pretty different from hype series, which yes we're still writing. :o Think more X-men, Matrix-style type of stuff. We're pretty much ripping off Spawn's ideas and making them our own.
I'll just paste my bio from Hype the Series:

ALIAS: The Hippy Hunter

REAL NAME: Jesse White



AGE: 18

HEIGHT: 5'10


HAIR: a brown so dark that it looks black

EYES: brown


SECRET IDENTITY: existance only known by the U.S. Government

OCCUPATION: former government assassin, professional hippy hunter

SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES: Posesses an I.Q of over 190, knows most forms of fighting styles and is one of the worlds greatest martial artists, can survive in nearly all forms of enviromental terrains due to his armor, can turn almost anything into something useful for survival or combat

WEAPONS: katana, M4, SOCOM, M9 tranquilizer gun, various forms of grenades and other explosives, despite having numerous weapons prefers to use his martial arts skills and katana

HISTORY: Little is known about Jesse White except that he traveled the world at a very young age to learn various forms of fighting styles. He also has an extreme hate for hippies possibly due to a tragic event scarring him for life involving them when he was very young. At age 14, Jesse White became the Hippy Hunter and started his hunt for hippies and to destroy the corrupt. At age 15 his skills were noticed by the U.S. Government and recruited him to be an assassin as a member of the FOX Unit, a covert group of the worlds greatest assassins. After a few months he left the FOX Unit to join the Haturz League with one of his former mentors Spike_x1 to combat Pitof, Denise DiNovi, Halle Berry and WB for the travesty known as CINO. He took up another alias Nightwing (everyone took up a comic book alias) and together the Haturz League defeated the evil CINO and the group went into an inactive status waiting for the next crappy superhero film. Once the Haturz League went inactive he rejoined the FOX Unit and returned to the name Hippy Hunter to continue his assassinations and to kill hippies, but once again left shortly afterwards for personal reasons. He was quickly noticed by E. Bison and joined Shadaloo, seeing it as a chance to further his agenda of the eradication of hippies. He quickly rose in rank in Shadaloo and held onto it until Bison mysteriously disapeared for a short time. He developed a coup and took control of the group in the confusion. But Bison returned and kicked the Hippy Hunter out of Shadaloo for his treachery. In retaliation, Hippy Hunter founded Outer Heaven and gained a small following to counter Shadaloo, but he saw this group as a waste of his time and he disbanded it and rejoined Shadaloo. After Bison disapeared again, Shadaloo went into an inactivity status and Hippy Hunter moved on and took on the life of a wanderer. He did not return to the group when Bison returned yet again. Considered to be an anti-hero by his collegues, many consider the Hippy Hunter a dick due to his loner attitude, his reluctance to talk, especially about his past, all possibly due to some trauma. He'll only work on a team when he considers it necessary. Despite his hatreds and attitude, he has dedicated his life to defend those who cannot defend themselves and to destroy the corrupt and of course destroy all hippydom. However recently the Hippy Hunter has been searching for something more meaningful in his life besides killing but so far that search has come up with no results.

GROUP AFFILIATIONS: FOX Unit (defected), Shadaloo (resigned), Outer Heaven (disbanded), Haturz League (inactive)


KNOWN RELATIVES: none, all presumed to be dead
No... Solid Snake if he were a closet hippie. :confused:
"Little is known about Jesse White except that he traveled the world at a very young age to learn various forms of fighting styles"

pwnt :o
WEAPONS: katana, M4, SOCOM, M9 tranquilizer gun, various forms of grenades and other explosives, despite having numerous weapons prefers to use his martial arts skills and katana

GROUP AFFILIATIONS: FOX Unit, Haturz League (inactive)

One against two... you lose, Meatball. :confused:
His origin is like Batman's his Weapon's are like Snake's

.......so they're combined :o

Name: Mehzeb C.

Past History: Half-human, half alien. Born on a costal town in asia. Migrated to Europe in his early 20s. Became a Private Detective. Had a clash with GW Bush, over a game of checkers at the White House. Fought off the US Marines in the Pacific. Bush apologized later. Joined the Hype! in 2001.

Super Powers: Increased endurance to pain. super-speed. sharper vision. mind-boggling agility. telepathic, and telekinetic. healing ability.

Survival techniques: can blend in with any crowd, impersonating anyone around you. extremely charming. will wait for his opponent to make a mistake, before moving in for the kill.

Favorite Quote: "The only thing new in this world is the history you dont know about..." -- Harry Truman
Weapons: Hands, Knives, Toxins
Group: Unknown
Satus: Unknown
History: Rumoured to have been the hand behind Hitler's death.
NAME: The Lumberjack

SUPER POWERS: Incredible plaid shirt and beard mesmerize anyone and hypnotize them to the point of being mere slaves. He carries an axe of great power, although it's not known if it's strength is mystical or mechanical. Also traveled the world and trained with various masters in the art of "keeping it real".

ORIGIN: The Lumberjack emerged from the forest. He was not born and is therefore ageless, much like the Burger King. He simply exists. Malevolent and unbiased, he chooses the side that he finds only to be beneficial to himself. He was once a henchman of the insidious Shadaloo syndicate and was a faithful soldier, but soon bored of the petty nature of his assignments and moved on shortly before the orginazation fell into obscurity. He now wanders the Earth, concerning himself only with furthering his ability to keep it real.

GROUP AFFILIATION: Formerly Shadaloo (East Coast)
NAME:Jacob White
ORIGIN: Special Forces Assassin gone renegade, White is haunted by a killing he experienced in Russia. Constantly hunted by the man who trained him L.T. Bonham. White has top-notch survival skills, is a true marksman and can disappear when he doesn't want to be found.

Oh yeah I'm a badass mother****er :o:marv:
NAME: The Original Bamfer
SUPER POWERS (IF ANY): Sarcasm, Teleportation (The best of any), and the ability to duplicate any ability/power in sight - usually only when it makes simple tasks even easier, or to mock other superheroes.
ORIGIN: TOB comes from the present day, discovering his powers in a very cliche, superhero "Oh wow, these powers are nifty!", kind of way. He has not encountered too many instances where he has needed to use his abilities. but if he ever does, his skills will make him a superb ally.

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