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Mar 5, 2003
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Welcome beasties! This experimental RPG is in memory of the fallen HZA, lost to my laziness and loss of ideas for the story. :( This RPG will take place before the events of HZA, so feel free to do whatever the hell you want with your story/character. For those who never read HZA, it is your standard end of the world/zombie/plague/survival epic. To begin, simply pick your location. Locations with huge percentages of infected will be more like a warzone. Smaller % places will be more calm and such. Post your intro profile, then start your story as you see fit. Save people, fight zombies, look for food, hide, do whatever you like! :)

This is an example of an intro profile, to be posted before you start playing to give an idea of your character:

Poster - White Male - 19 years old - Black hair/Green eyes (List any other of your character's physical features you would like known)- No military training, pre-apocalypse job was fast food manager. Current location: Games Forest.

Once you have begun playing the game, you may use this as an intro profile to all of your entries, to keep tabs on your situation:

Poster - Gear/weapons: Pistol, knife, flashlight, 2 water bottles, 3 candy bars - Current Location: Games Forest - Stress level: Medium - Sanity: 7/10

If you need to ask someone something, or need to plan to interact with them, post "OOC" then whatever you want to say. Example:

OOC: Hey MB, I will meet you in the bath tub, ok?

...Forget I typed that... you get the idea.

Here are the locations and their stats:

Community City - Infected: 68% - Population: 827,127
CINO Crater - Infected: 12% - Population: 5,623
Games Forest - Infected: n/a - Population: n/a
Spider-Ville - Infected: 89% - Population: 93,649
BM City - Infected: 50% - Population: 274,223
Hulk Haven Hills - Infected: 11% - Population: 1,387
X Town - Infected: 30% - Population: 88,651

Begin! :)
Poster - White Male - 28 years old - Brown hair/Green eyes/Athletic build- No military training, pre-apocalypse job was street level cop. Current location: BM City.
Poster - White Male - 35 years old - Black hair/Brown eyes/6'2/atheltic build-Former Navy Seal,No pre-apocalypse job-self employed odd job guy living in a cabin in small town of Hulk Haven Hills.Current location: Hulk Haven Hills.
Poster- White male- early twenties- black hair/ brown eyes- tall, in okay shape, but nothing Olympian- Pre-Apocalypse job: playing "Rise of Apocalypse" too much, student, aspiring writer- Usual gear: Satchel, hunting knife, small hammer, pens, pencils, paper

Location: X-Town
White Male

17 years old

Brown hair/Blue eyes, 6'6"

Slight military know-how.

Past employment: Odd jobs

Gear: Hunting knife, rifle, beretta pistol, canteen, flashlight.

Current location: Spider-Ville.

EDIT: Eye-patch!
White Female

25 years old
Auburn Hair/Green/blue eyes
Perfect Thin, agile Hourglass build. Looks great in BDU pants and a black tank top.

Special Ops military training, pre-apocalypse job was Computer Systems.

Gear/weapons: Pistol, M-16, knife, 6 grenades, flashlight, 2 water bottles, 4 MRU's, one pair of night vision goggles, 4 thumbdrives 1 GB each and a Mac laptop, spray painted black.

Current location: BM City
Poster - White Male - 31 years old - short dark blonde hair/Green eyes, stubble, - 4 years military training (dismissed from the army in his 5 year),

pre-apocalypse job was security guard at local mall.

Gear/weapons: Pistol, flashlight, tazer, cellphone

Current location: BM city
Poster-White Male-32 Years old-Shoulder-Length Silver Hair/Steel Blue Eyes-Black Belt in Karate-5 Years Military Training

Pre-Apocalypse Job: Freelance

Gear/Weapons: Two Pistols, Sword, Cell Phone

Current Location: Community City
Poster- White female, 37, 5’8”, 135 lb, long dark hair in pony-tail, brown eyes, jeans, pink shirt, rain jacket, and hiking boots. Owns a hobby farm outside Spider-Ville and a camping store in a district just east of the downtown.
Gear- .38 revolver, 9 mm semi-auto, magazines, quick-loaders, medical supplies, food, water purifiers, leg-trap.
Current location- road out of Spidey-ville

It’s late morning and I’m lost, confused. I follow the road only because it assures me that I’m going someplace. Being in the open and alone is wrong. I know this even though I have no thoughts about how to make things right. If I looked back I would see Spider-Ville burning, heat waves and smog making its elaborate web of highways look as if it’s swaying. The dead were all over there, and people running, driving fast, shooting—they often killed the other living. I don’t know if I’m imagining something or remembering it. I have this image in my head of standing on the sidewalk, a few zombies surrounding me. Headlights, a low silver car, and sudden bullets invaded the sidewalk. I didn’t shoot back. At that point I hadn’t fired the gun at anything human. I still haven’t. Now I think I’m ready to kill.

What was I doing, standing on that corner? There was a woman there, on the concrete, bloody. I think I knew her. I can’t remember. Her face… Maybe she called to me. I should have been in the store, packing the dried food. Oh, and the medical supplies. I think I bent down, and then… those *******s shot at us. They didn’t care, and possibly they took aim, because her face…

I don’t know how I got here. I don’t look back because I don’t think anybody got out alive. I stare at the road. Every once in a while I notice the caked blood on my shoulder. Really a bad thing, really a bad thing… I would take the pack off, but I’m too stiff. There’s wound dressings in it, but actually they seem unimportant now. The pack itself seems like part of the past. All that matters now is moving away. Well, this road has to go someplace. Maybe someplace better...
White Female

22 years old
Brown hair & eyes
Skinny but normal skinny, agile Hourglass build. Tan, pretty athletic
No Special Ops military training, pre-apocalypse job was cashier at Godiva.

Gear/weapons: Pepper spray, a 9mm gun,cellphone,purse.

Current location: Hulk Haven
It's hard to tell sometimes in X-Town. Most people who aren't infected are lacking upstairs anyway. Hell, they're probably immune to whatever crazy zombie-disease is going around. Now, me, I'm just a guy who grew up thinking Colossus and Nightcrawler were cooler than Storm and Wolverine, and you know what? I still do. After all that's happened in X-Town and the world, I still ****ing do. Know why? Cuz Nightcrawler can teleport. Let's see Mr. "Snikty-Snikt" do that.

But that doesn't matter much now. Not so much because of the zombies but because Joe Quesada ordered all mutants without claws or breasts exterminated a few weeks before the zombie uprising. I have a feeling that, if he hadn't been eaten by a leet-speaking walking dead man, he'd have gotten rid of the ones with breasts in good time.

But right now, all I can do is heave a sigh, close my window, and hope one of those things doesn't get in my room while I sleep, just like I worry about every night.
Dog Lips - Hispanic Male - 26 years old - 6'2" - Black hair/blue eyes - No military training, pre-apocalypse job was garbage man. Gear/weapons: Nice suit, pack of gum, mints, and keys. Current location: Community City

What the hell was I thinking?

The thought keeps rolling through my head. I try to keep my mind on the situation, but it's like I can't even control my own thoughts anymore. The dozen lighters and key-chain flashlights have done little to stop the creeping blackness of the tunnel. There must be at least 30 people in the trapped subway train car with me. The smell of sweat and blood makes me fight like hell to breathe through my mouth. I can't even remember how long ago it was that I saw the first report of people biting people and the hospitals filling up with sick bite victims. A week ago there were many whispers of people leaving Community City, trying to avoid a possible outbreak. Myself and many others in my neighborhood ignored it for one reason or another. Some too poor to leave, some just too stubborn. I stayed for the dumbest reason of all..... To apply for a new job. I borrowed one of my Dad's old suits and dressed up real nice for the interview, nice tie and everything, not even a ****ing clip-on this time. I caught a brief news-break about some riots or something spreading through downtown, but I never thought it would spread so quickly. I jumped on the subway train and took a seat, butterflies in my stomach going crazy due to the thought of getting a good job and making my parents proud of me for once, instead of living in shame of their garbage-man son. I'm not too sure what happened next, as it all happened so fast. A loud explosion, then a lot of noise and chaos in the tunnel. Then darkness. My guess is someone set of a nuke on the street above, and the whole thing caved in on the sub-train. Most of the cars were crushed completely, killing all inside. The car I'm in and the one behind us were merely trapped in all the debris. The power was out, but luckily many of these bastards are smokers. I haven't seen so many ****ing lighters since my last rock concert. The lady next to me keeps coughing up a storm. It's so jam-packed in here I can't see an open seat anywhere in the two cars. Son of a *****, this sucks.
Poster - Gear/weapons: Pistol, flashlight, pocketknife - Current Location:BM city mall - Stress level: high - Sanity: 6/10

Its late afternoon and I've been held up with a few others in the mall now for two days. I don't know who to trust. Even Frank my old work buddy, I’ve seen him take more of his rations then he should have.

It should be easy to trust people in a world full of zombies, know good from bad, but its not. When the **** hits the fan people look out for themselves only and for now that’s the way I’ve got to play it too.
Poster - Gear/weapons: Two Pistols, Sword, Cellphone - Current Location: Community City Train Station - Stress level:Low - Sanity: 8/10


In all my years doing what I do, helping people with odd jobs, I gotta say, this one takes the cake.

I went to the train station after a particularly tough job, the details of which I won't describe. The train station was deserted, as opposed to its normally busy manner. The lights were flickering too. Something didn't feel right...

A movement to my left. I whip out my pistols simaultaneously and point them at the shadows. Nothing. Odd.

People say I'm over-prepared for my job, carrying two pistols and a blade, when my most-dangerous job is extermination of rodents. My thoughts on the matter: There's no such thing as being over-prepared.

Movement again, this time to the right. I fire, and the bullet hits flesh. Excet that the flesh ain't flesh. It's too dark to make out the details, but whatever I hit wasn't entirely human, if at all. In an instant, they swarmed around me. I whipped out the katana I keep on my side at all times. Even in public places. The cops don't do a damned thing about it, either. They know my rep.

The...things...moved at me, as if by one mind. Another person...a sane person...might have lost it by now. Given up all hope.

But me...I wouldn't have it any other way.
Poster - White Male - 35 years old - Black hair/Brown eyes/6'2/atheltic build-Former Navy Seal,No pre-apocalypse job-self employed odd job guy living in a cabin in small town of Hulk Haven Hills.Current location: Hulk Haven Hills.
Gear-Shotgun/MP5/Glock/Flashlight/Flask/Pen knife

First thing i thought of the moment the **** hit the fan was get to my cabin and get my gear.that's the training for ya:o
I decided to make my way into town through the forest,not the safest route but it provided cover and tactical advantage......probably

As i made my way through i heard a rumbling in the bushes,instinctively i drew my glock and eased cautiously forward,i parted the bushes and my eyes were met by the most bizzare of sights!!!..........
Poster - Black Female- 17 years old - Black hair/dark brown eyes(not fit but not fat)- No military training, pre-apocalypse was a high schooler. Current location X-Town: .

Poster - Gear/weapons: flashlight, pocket knife set of keys, 5 water bottles, 15 candy bars - - Stress level: Medium - Sanity: 9/10

My older sister just got bitten. The doctors say it won't be too long for she's completly one of them. They'll chop her head off as soon as she turns. I don't think I'm going to cry when it happens... I did enough crying when my daddy and momma died when the outbreak first happened. They were the last thing my sister and I were holding on to but they couldn't beat the outbreak. Many of us are hiding, afraid of them. They still find us they sniff us out. I'm ready to leave this place. I know it's wrong to leave my sister dying by herself but if I don't get away from here soon we weren't close but it's still worng. To stay here any longer could mean death and to die from the bite of zombie is an awful way to die. I hear Hulk Heaven Hills isn't too dangerous right now, maybe I'll head there.
Poster - Gear/weapons: Semi-Automatic Standard Police Pistol - Current Location: BM City - Stress level: Low - Sanity: 6/10

The barrel cackles, hitting the target. I'm finding myself wishing I were that target.

The firing range is the only place where I can get any damned civility, these days. The office boys are scared to death. My neighborhood's too noisy to sleep, even think. And the city? No one goes into the city. Figures I'd be the one to have to, tonight.

My name? Anything's better than what I've got. Bruce. Bruce Daniel Masters II. The second, after my grandfather. Well, the first now, seeing as how my grandfather's... well... dead, and all. Killed by those goddamned brain eaters on a hunting trip, during the first outbreak.

The second seems to be doin' plenty worse. I've already heard countless reports. They're frickin' everywhere. The streets, the hills, the woods... If they can swim, which I don't know, they'd probably even be infesting the harbor.

Why, in god's name, would these things exist? Once you're dead, you're supposed to be dead. As in, not walking. Who the hell decided 'Hey, maybe it would be cool to make them walk again!'. Truly, if God exists... One of his angels must be doing coke, or something, because these things aren't a blessing.

This city is tearing itself apart. Half fear another outbreak. The other half have moved away. And then there are some that just can't afford to. Like me. This 'job' is all I got... I can't leave it. I wouldn't be able to find work in a place like Spider-Ville, or Hulk Haven Hills. So I'm stuck here... About to go on patrol in ****ing BM City. It's almost a literal death sentance.

I'm bringing all my guns. All my equipment. All my fears. All my prayers. I shoot another round at the target. The head goes clear off.

God, why couldn't that have been me?
Poster- White female, 37, 5’8”, 135 lb, long dark hair in pony-tail, brown eyes, jeans, pink shirt, rain jacket, and hiking boots.
Gear- .38 revolver, 9 mm semi-auto, magazines, quick-loaders, medical supplies, food, water purifiers, leg-trap.
Current location- road out of Spidey-ville

Its noon when I find a car mashed into the ditch, at the end of a furrow of broken saplings. By then its lights have died. I look at the silvery shape and hope that the crimson body on the hood is the man who shot me. His head is crushed shapeless. One door of the car is open, and a skinny kid is still in the half-reclined seat. His skin, where it isn't bruised, looks more grey than brown to me. He has a blue and red blotch on his face, centering on his swollen nose. Over his mouth, torn lips hang loosely. When I point the .38 at him, he grunts and lifts his hands.

“I’m alive,” he protests.

I have to consider that silver is a popular color. Still, I train the gun on his chest and tell him to get up. “There’s water in my pack. And also you’ll be able to treat my wounds. But I want you to do only what I say, and do it just the way I tell you. Then I’ll let you go, with some supplies.”

“Do I get a gun?” He brightens.

“You don’t have one?”

“I ran out of bullets and threw it away. Jame had a better one, anyway, but I can’t find it now.”

“No, you don’t get a gun.”

Lacking that motivation, the boy takes a long time to lift himself out of the car. Also it occurs to me that he may be planning, while moving so slowly, to get my weapons. I should have lied.
poster-white male 15,5'10"140 short brown hair, blue eyes, jeans, shawn of the dead t-shirt, with a black backpack, cowboy hat, wears glasses Gear ,sword he wears on his side,revolver 7 bullets left, shotgun with 14 rounds left, food 2 bottled waters,bag of chips, some bread, and an apple.
location Hulk Haven Hills

"I lived here only 4 years thought it was boring has hell."
" Well it seems I was wrong!"
I have no idea how this all happend it was just so quick. You would think sense it was a small town these kind of things don't happen. Or least whatever caused this wouldn't have got here for at least a few months. Well my names Jesse and i've lived here for only 4 years. Never wanted to move here but after my grandma got sick we had to move down from new york to take care of her. I though New York was a great place and well now it isn't much im really glad we moved now. Cus if we didn't im sure I would have been died by now. If I learned anything from the walking dead its never go to the big citys. I've been staying on top of my dads comic shop the whole time looking for survivers to walk by so far there hasn't been any. Holy crap why am I talking to myself I must be going insane after watching my dad leave for help. Dammit I should have gone with him, but he insisted to watch over my mom and 4 year old sister. Well what a great jop I did there dead now I can hear them straching the door to get out of the shop. I've been up 4 days straight because of that haunting sound. I wonder how long I have left!?
Spork- White Male - 25 years old - Brown Shaggy hair/Silver eyes (Wears a trenchcoat grey t-shirtand dark blue jeans with black shoes, you can visibly see many holsters and pockets on and clipped onto his clothes)- has served in many indepence movements and rebellions, not much was known of Spork Pre-Apocalypse, the only people who had known of him were comrades from a former Rebel Group-The Manties (Sava, Dog Lips, and Master Bruce) Current location: Games Forest

Poster - 2 Fragmentation grenades, 2 .45 Caliber handguns, one standard issue Assault Rifle, combat knife, zippo lighter, iron flashlight, smoke grenade, survival supplies such as non perishable foods and water - Current Location: Games Forest - Stress level: High - Sanity: 5/10

I have no idea where I am, and I don't really care, as long as Im away from those damn freaks and mutants and closer to Dew and my "friends" who left me and the rest of the villagers for dead.....

I guess Im not in such a peaceful location afterall, I've just been greeted with a far off moaning of some nasally voiced n00b......I'm not worried, its not a group this time, I'll wait for him to approach to see if I remember this guy....

"hmpf hmpf hmpf teet"

what the hell?

he's in my range of sight, lets see if I can make out what he's saying now
"hufffff huuuhh huuuuuuuhhhhhhh toyeeeet"

"ha ha ha tite'

that little ****'s AmerikazMostWanted.....I should've have known by his exposed nipples and lip gloss....

this must mean kittyKatR's not far behind......
Matt (~) White Male (~) 22 years old (~) Black hair/Sky blue eyes, has a 5 o'clock shadow and looks gruff, is wearing cargo pants, a black t-shirt, a leather jacket on top of a kevlar vest, and has a laptop case slung over his shoulder, is in pretty good shape (~) Self-trained through cinema and crash courses with various weapons and hand-to-hand combat (~) Pre-apocalypse, he was a bit of a loner and kept to himself, worked at a Wal-Mart (~) Current location: Games Forest

Matt (~) Gear/weapons: SIG Sauer P228 fully loaded w/ 3 full clips of ammunition, microtech halo (~) Laptop bag contents: bottle of vodka, gauze, a half empty bottle of water, picture of an old friend (Karen), and a LED flashlight with dead batteries (~) Current Location: Games Forest (~) Stress level: Low (~) Sanity: 9/10


I've been walking for what feels like an eternity. I take a 360 look around to see if I'm alone, and decide it's secluded enough, so why not take a seat under a tree against the trunk, the shade is a Godsend. The stench still lingers in the air though, it's everywhere. That horrible rotting smell, like you left a bowl of fruit out for too long. Death. I check my pistol, there's one 9MM round in the chamber, and another 13 in the clip. This is so messed up, but at least I'm away from all the chaos.

I scramble around the contents of my bag, and find the picture of Karen. I pull out the bottle of vodka I took from a secluded liquor store with the picture. I look at it. God I miss her. I pull the top of the bottle off and take a swig, the alcohol burns. I put the picture back and take another swig, then I start to feel tired. Fighting it for a bit was futile, I slowly let myself fall into a slumber.

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