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Jun 28, 2002
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Diablo is still a much better game than Diablo 2 :cmad:
Oh sure it is. A completely underground campaign, projectiles that move on only four planes (making archer characters worthless) less characters to play as, very few RPG elements and a "once size fits all" ending sure add up to make it a better game.

played diablo 2 saturday night with friends. Still most fun mp game ever.
Diablo 2 added alot for gameplay, yes. But I dont think the above ground free roam thing worked for it at all...I much preffered the dungeon crawling of D1...it made it much easier and more efficient to level, and added a nice claustrophobic feel to it. Yeah, the projectiles didnt shoot far, but you had speed on them, and that little distance does help (I just finished playing through as a rogue with only bow and arrow as my weapon).

While D2 is still awesome, I still cant play through it all without getting bored. Not so with D1 which I can do over and over again and still have fun with.
that's like saying I like having sex, but at the same time I also like to put my penis in the toaster. They both work but id choose D2 over putting my dick in the toaster.

Diablo 1 is still a great game....no where near as bad as toasty dick syndrome.
Diablo 1 was a great game but multimplayer was where it shined. You'd see weapons and items on battle.net you weren't likely ever going to see in the actual game. Truly awesome game. I got kind of bored playing Diablo 2. It was kind of neat being able to create golems and change into a bear, etc but the game itself wasn't as fun.
And in 30 years your wrists will thank you.

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