I guess this is the last X film


Sep 16, 2005
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After reading all the spoiler's in review's and stuff i think i will still like X3 but the writer's/studio/ and i guess ratner reaily messed everything up, i mean this is a trilogy ok but if there's ever a X4 i dont think ican be good, and here's why...(Spoiler's i guess)

(1)Cyclop's-He is not actualy seen dead but if he dosent appear in the rest of the film where is he? if he's like a comma, then storm/woulverine/Xavier would know and say he is i na hospital because tehy wouldve foudn his body and if he just left to ru naway since he's a very changed man, if doe's coem back in a X4 then fan's will be even more piss cause that would mean the leader is a coward and left and dident help the x-men. so it will be very hard to explain his return

(2)Roque-She's only supost to have like 8 min of screen time, and she get's cured cause she tell's bobby she is and touch's him and nothing happens, and if in X4 would be hard to explai nhow she can find a new thing that can give her old and exact same power's, so she might have just cameo as a human or actualy die

(3) The Villian's-Most died because of jean and even jean die's and Mystique get's cured so there wont be any good female or alto of villan's in the next movie's, unless they have jugg. return and introduce someone like blob and apolcalypse, Mag might die cause of age and cause ian mckallen said in a interview he's not contrated for moremovie's so he might not apper

(4) The Cast- everyone expect's this is the last film and the mai ncast like hugh and halel might not apper cause they already biger star's and hugh dosent seem liek he would do another x-men film,exept his spin-off film,Stewart said he would like to return but they messed that up and i dont want to see Xavier in a new body,jean die's so prod only few other returning actor's

(5) the X-men-Like i said hard to explain cyclop's return if is said he just left,Roque is cured dumb thing if she finds a thing where can can be mutant again,Many people dont want storm as leader.

U think anyone would be happy with this change's?? only way to make soem fan's happy and only if and if they have Alot,Alot's more Sentinel's/Gambit(Fox might make him a bad guy and turn him good i nthe end and try to make that a big suprise and while we wont know he might turn good or not, fan's will be so furious)/Apocalipse/ A Nightcrawler and/or Angel apperance/Collosus fighting Juggurnaut

X4 might be a new trilogy and have good stuff but lot's of bad stuff. so no matter the huge success X3 has me might not see X4 untill 5-10 year's
They might actualy even try to make a prequel trilgoy like starwars lol
But no Woulverine,no Iceman,no Collosus,no roque,no kitty,no angel,no nightcrawler..But then again might be vey interesting if we see Cyclop's(More action,development,scene's),Jean,Storm,Beast(Maybe make him human in first film if it's a prequel trilgoy),And maybe have Gambit(as one of first students, and maybe have him retire or something in the end to explain his dissaperence in the film's) and same with mag's,mystique,toad and sabertooth(can have fight's with Gambit and cyclop's and beat) and maybe a cameo with striker, and cameo with woulverine in the end to show how they know about him, like where he is like x1)
Despite all the indications that this might be the last film, remember that where there are $$$ to be made, there is always a way.........
Iceman/Psylocke said:
Despite all the indications that this might be the last film, remember that where there are $$$ to be made, there is always a way.........

Yep, like Jay Leno said "x-3: the last stand, unless it will make a gazillion dollars" :D
wait till the end of X3. that will kill any inkling that this is the last movie.
To me, the Last Stand is Magneto's last stand, not the x-men or Mutantkinds'.
I had such high hopes for the movie...but it seems like they added a few cheap scenes (TACKY) to leave a sequel open. But that would be hilarious: Cyke comes back from the dead because *you didn't see him die on screen*, Rogue gets uncured (She might catch the Mutant Cold in X4), and Professor X in a new body (will probably be played by a WB star to get the teenage augience in for X4)....haha sorry for the sarcasm, but X4 will most likely be the atypical BOMB sequel in the franchise....and the re-start in 2014!
Yea, exactly, of course they might be a sequel but liek i said even if they have Gambit,Sentinel,s a new villian, it wont be the same as this film's, and will be a huge bomb, it might jsut be a specia leffect's popcorn movie. i cant believe they di al lthis, they coudlve done alot better in making this a suposibly last movie, If they were gonna kill Cyclop's atlest film like 2-3 scene's i nwhich he very sad and a chnaged man and decide's to leave the team and coem back in the final battle and get killed by sacraficing himself to get kill if it mean's killing jean, that would be a good leader and would die i na uniform and in honor in a big emotional moment, that way some fan's would be happy he atlest had some scene's, got to be in uniform and die with jean but kileld or not, he get''s basicly wasted i nthe biginning

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