Is anyone else tired of nihilistic horror films?

Like I said before, I don't necessarily want a happy ending to a horror movie, but the ending to the Strangers pissed me off to no end, and its the type of ending I'm seeing in many horror movies now a days. They just feel so utterly brutal and pointless, I get no enjoyment out of it. Maybe I'm just not into the horror genre anymore. I'm not saying no one should ever make these movies, but I'll be sad if the horror genre suddenly comes between these types of movies and the crappy PG-13 ones.
I just really don't think the genre is for you. You're expecting something that inherently doesn't belong in horror. Since when does a horror film invoke something deep and meaningful? Asides from some underlying social commentary and whatnot, pretty much all of them are brutal and pointless. Hence why most critics hate them.

Even something like the first Saw film, which had a killer that did have meaning behind the kills, became a one-trick pony.
I completely disagree there, horror films can be as meaningful as any other genre. SAW never became a one trick pony, there are different themes introduced in each film and they're the main that I'm interested in it. There's just as much brutality in Hostel, but I think that film is horrible.

Critics are hardly a good barometer of film quality.
I'm not really a fan. I can hear terrible stories on the news about home invasions without having to sit through something like Funny Games.

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