Is Carmine Falcone Selina Kyle's father?

Dark Night II

Oct 1, 2005
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Am I very much mistaken, or did she say that at the end of Dark Victory?
If yes, then is this still true continuity wise? And why is she called Kyle and didn't know before?
Dark Night II said:
And why is she called Kyle and didn't know before?

Is it that hard to think of a reason for this?
Lol, I did not know this would reveal something you learn from reading Dark Victory and my Hardcover Dark Victory has not come into the mail I guess that is one less surprise for me. =P
I just quickly flipped through my copy of Dark Victory, and Batman asks Catwoman who Sophia Falcon is to her, and she only bits her lip and doesn't repsond. In the final pages there is a sequence where Selina visits Falcone's gravesite and says something along the lines of "We didn't talk much when you were alive, so why start now?" Thats not it exactly, but I'm too lazy to reach back onto my top shelf. Well, okay, its
I know you wondered why I stole from you. Often. And repeatedly. When there were others who were just as deserving. I used your money to buy my way into society. Into a new "Selina Kyle." I took what I needed to make a life that I deserved. But, you never knew why. No one does. I spent six months in Italy trying to find a piece of paper to prove what I knew was true. There was nothing. I know you are my real father, but I can never prove it. My history is empty as this grave. So this is goodbye, we never spoke much when you were alive, so I don't see much reason now.

If someone wants to scan it, they are welcome to. Its the second to last page of the graphic novel.

I think its a pretty cool twist, too bad it was ruined for you trustyside-kick. I hope they incorperate something like that into the new Batman film franchise. Hopefully they will find some way to resurect Falcone, it would be shame if they didn't. It doesn't seam likely though.
warren_sparta27 said:
is this expolred further in Catwoman: When in Rome?

Yes, it is. Though there was more evidence provided in that book when her theory came up in Dark Victory, no definitive proof was added to Selina's Falcone connection.

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