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Comics Joey Q...Lookin' good in red, m'man!

Miss Webb

Apr 4, 2004
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Very nice wedding dress! Oh, is it obvious? And the little flirt to Peter, nice touch! Been waiting long? All his life, I can dig it...

Now something occurs to me. One, "M" is a notorious liar. Two, any deal with him NEVER turns out the way its supposed to.

Peter is connected to the great weavers of history and reality, the cosmic web of life. I think this is what "M" covets, though he won't say so.

I also believe he's looking for a way around the Spider God to get Pete's soul. After all, big fuzzy has first dibs. And "M" contradicted himself by first saying he didn't want Pete's soul, then saying he might be able to get it 'straight up' in a tastier proposition. What's going to happen that he knows about?

Or "M" and the Spider have made a secret deal behind the scenes. Because let's face it, "M" doesn't just pop up out of the clear for anyone's individual soul out of the blue...something is going on, big time.

I really dug Pete's pointy hips when he walked and got all twisty. A real turn on for all the ladies! Especially if you dig twizzers! And those strange jawbones that go across faces and straight down necks are REALLY cool! New age anatomy, people! :whatever:

"M" needs a little laser surgery on that mug.

SpideyInaTree noticed the same thing about MJ I did...I thought it was a cut and paste from an old issue! Course, technically MJ is still wearing the same hairstyle now, jagged bangs and straight down.

Somehow, I think Peter's problems with Tony will seem like a walk in the park now.
If you are saying JQ's "art" sucks... I concur.
maybe it's because I'm in med school, but it's always funny to see "never-seen-before" muscles appear on Joe Q's pannels...
The guy can draw, but for some reason his drawings of Peter Parker are completely weird and inconsistent in OMD.

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