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Kingdom Come Collection - Valuation?


Sep 14, 2003
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Hi guys,

I was wondering if anybody knew of a rough estimate or place to find out the valuation of my collection?

I have every model, including the limited edition toyfare Red Arrow; all in mint never opened packaging.

Many thanks
Ummmm...Thats hard, but I'll take a look over the net!

BTW, Nice collection though!
Not as much as you might hope.

Sadly initial sales of the KC stuff were relatively poor, a lot got marked down and sold at clearance (I got most of mine for $10 or less), And some of the more popular ones (namely batman) were just re released in the reActivated line, thus reducing the value of the originals a little more, and for some reason the inclusion of KC into the Elseworlds line (Blue Beetle, Spectre, Nightstar....) has gotten soem interest in the old line again, but not really kicked up the value.

I recently (like a month ago) decided to open all of mine, I also had the entire KC Line (and Red Arrow) all MOC.
did u open up both red arrows? :(

I re bought the batman reactivated and opened that. Bought an open superman, and bought 2 wonderwomans for $2 each and opened her.

I have
2 supermans moc
Batman Moc
wonder woman moc
armored wonderwoman moc
hawkman moc
green lantern moc
blue beetle moc
flash moc
kid flash moc
Mogog Moc

I think thats it
I was slightly worried about the re-activated line; but as with all things hope the original box packaging rather than the new carded figures would hold value.

I have no wish to sell them was just curious, they're extremely hard to come by here in the UK - our flagship store of Forbidden Planet always sells them out straight away..
Why would I open both Red Arrows? That would just be silly......I still have my other one somewhere......

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