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Jun 13, 2007
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Well, my fiance bought me FACE THE FACE (the one year later story) for x-mas and i loved it...

after reading it though, the binding started coming apart (AS IM SURE TPB's often do)

now i have face the face, but its falling apart!


what contributes to the binding/ spine coming apart????

return it to the store? My copy of Long Halloween literally fell out of the cover (like, the pages all still together and bound, but not attatched to the cover) so I just rubber cemented it back might try that if your situation is similar.
ew... my long halloween did the same =\

what i did was super glue it
my copy of TLH did the same..weird..did you order it off Amazon per chance?

i glued mine back in-and it worked. I was gonna re-buy it, but then bought the uber sexy Absolute Edition instead.
I got mine from my local comic guess is there's just so much weight there that gravity takes its course and it just falls out.
do you fold your books open as you read them?
not everybody has money to burn to buy the same gn twice.
ah c'mon, we're not in the third world here...

keep the new one shelved and read the itty bitty one on a regular basis
Aren't there two versions of the TLH paperback? One with an all blue cover (the newer ones) and the original with the villains colored in?

It's probably the quality of the covers themselves. Weak glue, etc. Since the newer TLH TPBs shouldn't fall apart.

And back on topic to BATS N' HORNETs' issue, just superglue it.
My first print of Marvels did this too...pages were just falling out. Couldn't have happened to a better book either :(
Damn that sucks.

I wouldn't try superglue, because I know from experience how idiotic you get with art supplys.

I would return it and get store credit and get the same comic again.
I don't think that Amber would care either.
ah c'mon, we're not in the third world here...

keep the new one shelved and read the itty bitty one on a regular basis

some of us have enough new trades on our buylists that we can't waste money buying the same thing twice.
Especially where I live, new trades cost anywhere from 20 to 40 aud, usually the upper end.

If you can fix something for near-free, why would you spend money? seems a tad wasteful.
I TOOK CARE OF IT W/ old fashioned Elmer's school glue! ! !

Thanks to everyone... (especially you Hell N' Spiders for the wonderful commentary on my glueing ability)

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