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Lost 3 yr old boy found in woods, kept alive by 2 puppies. Not Depressing!

To be honest, if they let a 3 year old eat a cheeseburger, hotdog, french fries and a strawberry ice-cream in one sitting the he is better off living with the puppies. How can someone allow a child to eat that much? Do they WANT him to be obese? His parents should be shot.

Because they overfed the kid one time?:huh:
Only in the state of Virginia are puppies smarter than the people.
I'm from Virginia and go to a fine, highly accredited school in Virginia...
Wait... I see your point.
NVM, you're right.:hehe:
Well na! lolz. I did go a bit over the top there didn't I? :woot:

I just hate parents who make their kids fat.

Parents do need to take charge of their children's health. There is no doubt about that. However, my guess is they were probably so scared after losing their child for nearly a day that he could have asked for a Lexus and the parents would have given it to him.
I thought this stuff only happens in movies

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