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Lost: Via Domus

Oct 18, 2000
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Has anyone seen a review for this game yet? I'm thinking about getting it, but with the track record of video games based on TV Shows/Movies, I'm very skeptical and want to read some reviews first.
haven't seen any reviews on it yet. i plan on renting it, but my store isn't getting it until Friday.
I saw an early review on TeamXbox i think, the guy wasnt too thrilled about. He gave it a 5 out of 10. I havent seen a full review tho.
From IGNs review. They gave it a 5.5

Closing Comments
Ask any Lost fan a question about the show and you are likely to be drawn into a long-winded conversation about The Others, polar bears and how hot Sawyer looks with his shirt off. Ask someone who doesn't watch the show why people seem obsessed with Lost and they will likely shrug, roll their eyes and say, "Who gives a damn?" If you are of the former camp -- the kind who dreams of one day crashing on the Island just so you can personally solve its mysteries -- then you should probably rent (not buy) Via Domus. If you're in the latter category, turn away. Not a damn thing will make sense to you if you haven't watched at least the first two seasons of Lost. And there's no "game" here to make it worth playing unless you are a fan. Even then, it's only good for the final minute. At least it only takes five hours to reach the conclusion.

Well, looks like I'll save my $60. Only 5 hours to complete!?!? Looks like another failed show/movie to game game.
Watched the ending on Youtube. Sucked.
What I really liked about this game was the detail that went into the included parts of the television universe and the very much in-tone storyline. Elliott seems like he could have been a main character on the TV show for the past three seasons, complete with his own arc as he struggles to learn who he is and who he doesn't want to be anymore.

The locations like the Black Rock, the survivors' beach, all of the DHARMA stations, and the jungle are all exceptionally well done, combining with the music to create a very much 'Lost' atmosphere. The smoke monster is actually pretty frightening, mostly because you still have no idea what the hell it is. And don't even get me started on the ending, I thought it was awesome (especially after having seen last week's episode 405 "The Constant") and truly earned the game the right to call itself Lost.

I could have done without the caves or the trading system, because the way they were implemented was very rudimentary and not involved in the story at all. Then there's the length. I bought it for my PC on Saturday afternoon and beat it in about 10 hours. Then, today, I got up and played the whole thing again and unlocked all the extras in about 5 hours. This feels like the demo for the game we should've gotten. Considering we could have had the entirety of the Island at our disposal, this game could have been 5 or 6 times as long. 70 days on the Island go by in 6 episodes? I don't think so.

So to sum up, the graphics were pretty good, the music was awesome while some of the voice acting was mediocre, and the presentation was fantastic. If I were you, I'd just rent it for the 360 and blow through it in an afternoon. Hopefully they can release more episodes, or a new expansion pack or something.

If you're playing it to expand on your level of fandom from the show, you'll love it. If you're playing it because you're expecting a fantastic game, you probably won't.
Knowing what I do about the show, you probably do something, then they spend 20 minutes recapping it, and then it ends without answering any questions and you have to wait 2 years for the sequel for any explanaition.
It's an adventure/puzzle game with a couple of action scenes. Most of the time is spent running around as Elliot talking to the castaways on the beach. This is usually followed by you entering the jungle to follow beacons while being shot at to reach another area like the hatch or the Black Rock. Intermissions on the Island story are filled up with flashbacks that require you to replicate a torn-up photo to remember your past.

The whole time you examine the environment for things to take pictures of, or items to pick up like coconuts or Apollo bars to trade for a gun or a lamp and fuel. For every environment there is a puzzle to solve in the form of a fuse box that needs to be rewired to direct the correct amount of power to the gauge. Every DHARMA station has a computer that makes you perform an IQ test before it activates.

I couldn't understand the last question at the Hydra: Z - X - C - V - ?

Apparently the answer is B :confused: I don't get it.
i didn't understand the ending at all.

did it have something to do with all the
time travel
the show is starting to get into?
i didn't understand the ending at all.

did it have something to do with all the
time travel
the show is starting to get into?
Yeah, I'm of the opinion that it all involves
variations of the timeline. Elliot escaped the Island, only to be thrown back into the timeline when Desmond turned the fail-safe key. I don't quite understand what's up with Lisa at the end, but I guess that's why we like the show.
I need to take a picture of the numbers on the outside of the hatch but i cant ****ing see them!!! Can anyone tell me where they are???
I need to take a picture of the numbers on the outside of the hatch but i cant ****ing see them!!! Can anyone tell me where they are???
They're inscribed on a little plate. If Locke is standing at 12 o'clock, the numbers are at about 7. Wait til you see the on-screen option to inspect the numbers, then look for the part that's flashing.

Here's a picture. The red arrow is the numbers, the yellow is the path to the waterfall and the Swan's back door, and the blue arrow is to the Dark Territory.

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