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roy baty

Jun 18, 2012
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Has anyone heard any news on this project? Last I heard Guy Ritchie was attached. If they decide to make it, please no comedy or spoof. It needs to be action, with some humor,

My cast:
Michael Fassbender - Napoleon Solo
Ben Foster - Illya Kuryakin
Ian McKellan - Alexander Waverly
Tom Cruise Eying The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros may have finally found its The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I’m hearing that early talks with Tom Cruise to star in the film that will be directed by Sherlock Holmes helmer Guy Ritchie. The original TV series ran from 1964-68, with Robert Vaughan and David McCallum playing Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin, two agents of the United Network Command for Law Enforcement. With gadgets and their wits and charm, they fought the evil forces of Thrush. Warner Bros has long been high on the project, especially when the studio had Steven Soderbergh ready to direct George Clooney in the lead. The actor dropped out because he needed surgery on his neck and back, and he wasn’t up for a physical role. After Soderbergh departed, the studio turned the project over to Ritchie and his producing partner Lionel Wigram. If this happens, it would give Cruise another shot at a franchise. He already has Mission: Impossible, which has another installment being developed by Christopher McQuarrie to direct, and I’m told that he will reprise the Jack Reacher role from Lee Child’s books, after the $60 million budget Jack Reacher grossed over $215 million worldwide for Paramount and Skydance. Warner Bros began quiet talks with Cruise after he completed All You Need Is Kill with director Doug Liman, which must have turned out pretty strong. Cruise next stars in the Joseph Kosinski-directed Oblivion for Universal Pictures, Cruise’s first futuristic Sci-Fi film since Minority Report. The film bows April 19. He’s repped by CAA.
Please NO NO NO ... not Tom Cruise!!!

Guy Ritchie directing should be okay - Keep it mostly serious - and Ian McKellan for Mr. Waverley.

Napoleon Solo - the guy who played Sawyer in Lost maybe. He has a tongue-in-cheek acting style.
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Clooney was attached to this back in the day. I could probably see JGL only because of the similarity to how Wagner played Solo. Very optimistic, and rarely gets angry even when in attack mode. Now I do wanna see who they get for Illya, that can come off very campy if they don't play it as a more subdued Russian.
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And while we are at it, how about another try at making The Avengers?

The Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman effort was a real fiasco. And the TV series was right up there with U.N.C.L.E. and M:I in the '60s.
This could be good..but as much as I like Cruise, I don't expect anything too fresh to come out of him. I kinda have an idea how Cruise is gonna play the part.
I like cruise but I cannot accept him doing this and the mission impossible franchise at the same time.he should just produce and let someone else play solo like fasbender or even maybe Christian bale he needs a new franchise.
I kinda wanted Kyle MacCallahan as Napoleon Solo in terms of looks & style and Paul Bettany as Ilya Kuryakin.
this movie wasn't getting made without huge star a big reason clooney was originally attached to star
Kyle MacCallahan? WHO?


Is it kyle maclachlan that Rob Lobo is talking about? Not the basketball player, :p?

Yeah, he's a washed up actor from the 80's/90's. Why...would anybody think he had a chance to lead a Warner Bros blockbuster tentpole?
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I have gotten a bit tired of Tom Cruise Cocky!

A Few Good Men was a great movie - but not because of him.
Interview With The Vampire Was good - but only because he was different.
War of the Worlds was great - but only because it had Spielberg at the helm and Cruise wasn't very cocky, to say the least, by the end of the movie!

Napoleon Solo has to be American, so I don't know how it would be with Fassbender? But then, Batman, Superman, the latest Spiderman, etc. needed to be American but we got some pretty good performances from Bale, Garfield, and I assume Cavill.
Kyle MacCallahan? WHO?


Is it kyle maclachlan that Rob Lobo is talking about? Not the basketball player, :p?

Yeah, he's a washed up actor from the 80's/90's. Why...would anybody think he had a chance to lead a Warner Bros blockbuster tentpole?

Sorry, I can never spell his name correctly :csad:

Well, just for the looks I picked Kyle :woot: If I have to pick out-of-the-left-field actor for Napoleon Solo, I'll go with Richard Armitage with an American accent :word:
I'm not picking on you, but I do think that geeks and fanboys tend to rely TOO much on looks alone. That's why I roll at my eyes at some fancastings 80% of the time, though some are creative and outside of the box. But that's rare.

I think however, in your favor, Kyle could have done it back in the mid 90's, back when he did that unofficial Dylan Dog movie, Cemetery Man.
Cemetery Man? He would be awesome for the role, even though Rupert Everett got the gig. But Kyle now looks old from his recent imdb pictures.
Cruise being attached gets my interest, I also like the fact they are no updating it and are going to stick to the 60's setting. I used to watch the old show and it was very tongue in cheek, it'll be interesting to see if a comedic actor is cast in the Illya Kuryakin role.
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It has been a long time since Ihave seen the series, but wasn't Ilya a serious part?

Just asking - I really cannot remember.
Cruise is gonna need a very tall box to stand on if he literally wants to stand eye to eye with Hammer. :oldrazz:
I don't want tom cruise in this he is already in mission impossible guy Richie I like but why coulnt they find someone else for the lead.i could even take Robert downey jr as solo since he and Richie did Sherlock holmes together!
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