Manips Competition 2: United

Well, I've been away for the past three days sick and I was upset I was going to miss all the cool new entries. But there haven't been any... :(
NO :( to bad I wanna see more there are only 2 days left :(
yeah i know huh? but this was a hard topic to do so.......oh well lets wait for the next competition!
I was going to do one with Magneto vs. X-men but I didn't have enough time. I guess this competition was really tough. But good luck to the ones who did submit.
I had a plan to do one aswell, but just didnt get round to it, i wonder what the next one could be....
you guys should still finish it up and post it in the manips thread
:( there aren't going to be very many entries...
I'm spanish, the deadline time is in which country? for time converter...
well if I were you I would post it today
cause last time you were to late to...
Here's mine:
I have to leave home soon, so I consider it finished. Could be better, of course, but here it is, hoping some like it:

i agree,angmab this is truly your best work,no offence,your manips are usually cheesy but when you take your time it looks amazing!you should take more time on other manips too
I agree on that to.... Your manips are WAY better if you take your time... But I guess that counts for everyone. Take your time with your next manips and they will be worth for everyone to go like WOW or AMAZING
For the looks of it you will get my vote.
Seriously cool.
im debating between mierdes and angambs
Yeah that one is also really good.
But I love Angambs one 2.
Really hard choice....
I guess it will be Angamb for me and Mierde a very close second one.

Sorry Mierde
I do love yours
im gonna go with mierde cuz she makes better manips over all (no offence angamb)
Wow Angamb when did you get so good? It's a real nice change to see something like this from you. This really shows how facr you've come with your manipping. BTW la She Beast and Mierde very nice work on your manips. Mierde I especially like the Pyro vs Angel section.
just remember this competition isn't about people's manips overall, its just the one manip they do for the competition. :oldrazz:
i know but i sorta like it with more people too plus its got one of my 3 choices for gambit :p and it has psylocke
I like the manips with more people in I just couldnt pull it off so I went for a one on one. The more people the more epic it feels. I would have liked to have done a massive battle but I didn't have the time too *sigh*.
i think we should give another week for this compotition cuz its a hard one
Nah. I think everyone wants a new competition, summet easier lol.

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