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Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference Thread


Aug 18, 2006
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Microsoft's press conference will be on Monday, June 10th at 9:30 AM PDT.
More interested in the WWDC but will definitely keep an eye out for the highlights.
As I mentioned in another thread..I''m only checking out the MS conference for more info and to be fair IF/When I chose the PS4 over XB1.

I only want 1 new console this new generation.
I have zero interest in purchasing an Xbone, but I'll watch it to check out the games. They'll undoubtedly have at least a few third party games.
I'll be interested to see if they do any backtracking on their announced policies so far.
I honestly don't expect them to... Remember what's his face...Old President of Sony... His direct quote on the PS3 price point was "Well...Work two jobs to get one then. You will."

MS seems to be taking that EXACT approach. The whole "If you want BC on a console you're a backwards person" reminded me of that.

I suppose they could...But they are very Sony from 8 years ago at this point.
Has it started yet? Don't know if mine's delayed.
I don't believe for a second Titanfall is exclusive.
There was a slight delay. It's starting now.
didn't expect them to open up with MGS
What is that?
lol...so what was the point of Kojima even being there?

So they made a new 360 that looks like a One?

So now MS is emulating PS+ with Gold

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