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Aug 13, 2003
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alright guys, some friends and I will be making our own xmen movie this fall. Im still working on the story. Basically we can do the effects for cyclops, gambit, collosus, night crawler, xaiver, magneto, storm, and toad. But we still havent gotten wolverines claws nor his healing powers down. If there is anyone who can help me figure out how to make these effects please let me know.

ps. im not sure if i can use pyro or ice man because they have complex effects as well.
sounds interesting, but how are you financing and filming it?
Well my friend goes to columbia college which is the biggest film making school in Chicago. Financially, we all chip in the money, eveyone whos starring in the film that is. remember this is an idependant film.

Everything is recorded on digital camera and after we are done shooting for the day, the film goes directly to the computer where we add in all the effects and sound and everything else. The program we are using for the special effects is called Alem DV, however im pretty sure we'll need better software for xmen.

In the past year we have filmed a remake of back to the future, and we are currently working on part 2, and also we are working on ghostbusters. Then Batman will be filmed then My baby, The X-men. We are planning to start X-men around november. maybe film some bits of it before then. But are hopefully to have some fight scenes in the rain and the snow.

Basically the effect we have in back to the future and ghostbusters look great. to be honest i think they look better than they did in the original movies. These past movies are alot shorter and obviously the story isnt as good as the original. Which is why i have began writing xmen now because i want the story to be perfect and blow these other movies we've made completely away.

The main concern right now with xmen is wolverines blades, we can cut the scenes and make them appear very quickly but id do anything to have an effect like they did in the real movie. Gambits cards will look amazing, as will cyclops's blasts. Storms lightning will look great, and we shouldnt have a poblem at all with night crawler. pyro and ice mans are also going to be kind of tricky.

well anyways im just beginning to write the story now, so please give me any ideas you might have for a good movie, or even just a scene. thanks. and ill keep you updated
by the way, i cant figure out how to attach an image to this board, but if anyone can upload two pictures for me from back to the future you can get and idea on what the effects look like from that movie.
where can u get the program for the special effects,that alem thing
Have you considered constructing some kind of gloves for Wolverine. He would always have to have them on, of course.

If the blades were housed in the lower hand to wrist area of the gloves and had some sort of tracks on the inside as guides, when he slings his hands: they would pop out. It would be tricky, but it's just an idea.

Where are you guys shooting this?
TNS ICEMAN: you can download a demo of the program at

Beastbone: thats actually a pretty good idea, im still working on the blades though. but I might just buy them for about a 100 dollars and do the animations on the computer because this way the blades would be right on the skin and I wouldnt have to hide them behind gloves. But im still looking at other ideas.

We will be filming the entire movie in Chicago and some of its suburbs. Today I was downtown Chicago all night, and I just kept seeing great places to have this scene or that scene. We will hopefully begin filming between November and December and the movie will hopefully be released by the end of spring. It will be put online for everyone to see.

Everything is still up for grabs but the for sure characters in the film will be, Magneto, Wolverine, Gambit, Storm, Nightcrawler, Mystique, Pyro, Cyclops, professorX, iceman, and im still just lookin through stuff online and comics to find other mutants who would be great for the film. So if anyone has anyone ideas for more people just let me know. and like i said any storylines or scenerios youd like to see in the film, because im still writing it. once again ill keep you updated.
it all sounds really cool. as far as characters, you might wanna add havok and have some of the story be about him reuniting with cyke or something. and as far as storyline goes, i think it'd be cool to focus on iceman or nightcrawler or someone else who got looked over in the movies thus far. either way, i;m excited to see how it goes, good luck!
thanx 826, and maybe you can throw in some cameos like psylocke
thanks guys for the support. so far heres the character list

and smaller cameos by other characters

for the bad guys:
im still working on others.
make sure u have jean in there u must haver her :D
alright I have big news.

The teaser for it will be filmed this week and released sometime next week. The teaser will revolve around magneto, and im not going to give anything else away but for it just being a teaser its gonna be real good.

oh yeah. im still working on the script so if anyone has anymore ideas please let me know.
Can we download any of your movies from anywhere? They sound like they'd be great to watch.
im probly going to make a site for xmen. the other ones arent online though so unless i was to email the movie to you. i dont know any other way you could see it.
maybe you could put in a storyline about the Legacy virus, should be easier to pull of than The Sentinels for example.

Havok as a villain ? Interesting, should give some nice scenes with Cyclops.

Cameo idea: Banshee.
Yeah definatly put the X-Men movie on the internet! I'd love to see it, as for character ideas, how about Psylocke, or Blink? The Legacy virus would be easier to film being this an indepentdent film, but what about Days Of The Future Past?
I wanna see it!!! ANd i also have a couple suggestions:

1) DO NOT skimp on Wolverine's sideburns. Make sure the actor has big chops and cool hair and a good face ( personally i think kind of a clint eastwood/hugh jackman type face). Make him good!

2)Don't get too crazy with lots of characters. Make sure there is room for story!!!

3) will u up pictures of the characters and such when you start filming?

Sounds like its gonna be cool. Good luck!
Welcome to the Hype, Sickboy!

BTW, should we take your name figuratively or literally. :D
Hmmm... Take it however u want i spose. It's not really much of a description of me. It's a song. I wanted something more relative to the boards, maybe involving Wolverine because he's one of my most favorite comic characters, but I didnt have time to think one up. I wanted to reply, not sit thinkin on a name for ten minutes! So I am SickBoy. I guess the name represents another favorite of mine, my favorite band: Social Distortion.

Chris (my real name)
thanks for all the input guys. The teaser is very short but it was filmed yesterday. It really is going to get you guys excited.

Magneto is talking through out the entire teaser about mankind. While he is talking it is flashing back and back again to wolverine. Wolverine is being played by me. and sickboy trust me the sideburns and facial hair is a big deal. however for the teaser i was shaved, but its only because my face really isnt in the teaser and it is more focussing on the blades and the shadows.

AHA what happened was i was growing out the facial hair and i forgot we were filming the teaser and accidently shaved the morning i woke up.

I was wearing jeans and the gray tanktop like wolverine has in the second. Ill try to have some pics from it up this weekend, and hopefully have the teaser online for u guys next week sometime.

anyways, we did some voice captions, after it was all done, it was alot of fun. I am still writing the xmen script, i have been leaning toward the mutant plague storyline but i still need more info so guys please help. ill keep everyone updated.

oh yeah. thanks for all the help and support again.
alright guys, the teaser will be up within the next few days. I finally found the music we were lookin for. Does anyone know where I would be able to upload the trailer too?

Sickboy: yes ill keep updating you guys with the pictures of the people playing the different characters. Currently im workin on gambit and havoks costume. My friend chris is playing magneto is going to have to make his suit. and ill try to get some pics of me as soon as i can from the teaser with the claws out.

Im still workin on the plot but am close to a final decision, and am bout 90 percent sure I am going to use the legacy virus. However alot of the things will be different if i use this storyline. 1 Dr. McCoy will be the one to develop the virus against his will, he is being forced to by the governemnt. 2 havok and cyclops may be twins im still not sure on this one yet. and more small details. im still open to ideas though so guys please post ur stuff.

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