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Oct 23, 2002
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After looking in the hobbies thread, we all have our hobbies that we like do; but what are some new hobbies you haven't done but would like to try?

Me personally, I'd just like to travel more; and maybe be a reviewer of some sort.
I always wish I had learnt to play an instrument like guitar or piano... or become a better cook instead of just on a basic level. Perhaps taken up a martial art might have been cool too..
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If I had the time, I'd like to take up hunting and target shooting.
Model making... But going overboard on the detailing. Internal lighting, things like that.
I'd like to try to break into the hobby of being a decent human being. I've heard good things.
Writing. I'd love to sit and write a great zombie horror book. I sit and work some days and just come up with the ideas, but I never figure out how to execute it properly.
I'd like to chew bubblegum and kick ass. But I think I might be out of bubblegum.
Photography. My dad gave me a really nice 35mm camera and I've never really used it. I'd like to sometime.
Making gifs, starting to make videos again on my YouTube channel also starting to play bass again.
Learning Arabic and studying geopolitics.

And knitting.
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Too much. That's my problem; I wanna do so much, I end up half-assing everything.
I'd love to get into Paintball ... But i'm not sure, especially because on the long run, i thinks its relatively expensive and none of my friends shares my enthusiasm ....
Medieval Martial Arts. Been trying to join ARMA for a few months now, but their ability to return calls/answer emails is frustratingly bad.
Learning Afrikaans and movie make-up. I would love to learn how to make zombies like The Walking Dead.
I'd like to get into paint ball.
Oh, another thing is cosplay, or at least costume/prop building. Over the summer I created a Nights Watch outfit from Game of Thrones which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm an artist so I got the eye for detail and all that, but I'm useless when it comes to some aspects of building such things (sewing, metal work, for example). My next project will be the mask from Dishonored.

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