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New Volume 3 clip

I clicked the vid but all it said was Heroes france volume 2 and so on...
Help i Can not see the video, all i get is a Q with a question mark in it, i have quicktime 7 but it doesnt work, can someone please help me
I doubt they would reveal Hiro and Matt's death in a preview, so I'm guessing it's another dream sequence or possible alternate future. The clip still has some interesting stuff. Can anyone make out the dialogue between Elle and Sylar? It's tough to hear because of the echo effect.
Sylar kills Elle random black guy kills Matt i like how the current heros are really unprepared for the villians
Sylar-Im back
Elle-Im not scared of you
Sylar-you should be im a physopatic killer
Elle-Takes one to know one

This is what they say
I REALLY hope matt doesn't die, he still has so much untapped potential. Great preview though, can't wait to see sylar back in action
hiro deserves to die! he is played out and other than his adorableness which has now gone i can't see where they can take him
Don't worry they are going to kill all the Heroes only to bring them back the next episode with Claire's magical blood.
hiro deserves to die! he is played out and other than his adorableness which has now gone i can't see where they can take him

While I am not a fan of Hiro, I can't say that his character is played out. I think that fact that he lost much of his "adorableness" during this past volume will allow his character to grow. In "5 Years Gone", Hiro was much more serious due to Ando's death. Eventhough this was an alternate future, it still showed how Hiro's character could evolve. I wouldn't doubt it if Ando dies at the hands of one of the new villains, which causes Hiro to become the warrior we saw in "5 Years Gone."
Well, in a show with 2 time-travelers and cheerleader whose blood can bring anyone back to life, I don't think any hero is in any particular danger. I doubt Hiro and Matt will be dead, or if they do they will be back like HRG did.
I'm thinking that maybe the Nightmare Man comes back and that's their nightmares. I could be wrong though.
i hope they don't kill off Elle or Matt. If nightmare man does come back i hope he kills Sylar, Sylar i useless now
I sincerely doubt they'd give away the deaths of any characters through a trailer. I wouldn't put too much stock in what we saw...don't know in what context those scenes are, but they wouldn't show us real deaths before the next volume.
I sadly don't have any links to justify these rumors, but I've read some rumors tossed about over IMDB:

Jamie Hector, who played Marlo on The Wire, will play the main supervillian next season, named Benjamin Washington also known as Knox, whose powers are, in simplistic terms, a combination of all of the ones we've seen so far. According to what I've read, he's an escaped prisoner who goes on a rampage in New Orleans. The big part of this rumor is that he [BLACKOUT]kills Micah.[/BLACKOUT]

Simone is supposedly coming back as a villian.

I sadly can't provide any links other than the IMDB threads discussing them, though one of the posters claims to be an insider.

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