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Comics Newest Wizard Quotes on Unmasking


Jun 16, 2006
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Just got the new Wizard in the mail yesterday.

There is an article called Secret's Out about Spidey.

Some of the quotes just make me laugh (and my headache...lol...)...and Joey Q's entusiasm for making such dumb decisions (..."We need to challenge our characters here at Marvel!") ....yeh-thanks for making Peter stupid.....you ARE his biggest challenge!......

But it get's Better.....really!!!!!........

Like Peter David saying...
"..While at face value it may appear like a stunt, the new take on Spider-Man will draw more people to the book, and excite older fans familiar with the web-crawler's continuity."


Who's he kidding??? I don't get it.

a.) it IS a stunt.

b.) unmasking will excite older fans familiar with his continuity??????

Oy yoy yoy. How?? ...What does that mean!?????

Peter David did make sure to point out there is a point that can be reached where you take stuff too far and too far out of character, ...pointing out specifically for example that if Marvel wanted to make Peter a serial rapist, he'd put his foot down and not contribute to writing those stories!!

Bravo!!! What a brave statement!

The article states that there are some creators who think it was a horrible move....they give one Ex.; Charlie Huston of Moon Knight.

Now someone has to write a story eventually to "remask" spidey they say, which will be cheesy regardless...IMO.

David also adds..."making it hard for Mary Jane and Aunt May not able to go anywhere without a bodyguard now makes for great stories."

Hmn???......yeh, that sums up my personal Spidey reading excitement I'm feeling now too! And since I am a long time fan of Spidey since the beginning, and "know his continuity"...i REALLY love this unmasking!?!

What are they smoking!?
Well, Quesada is right to an extent.

And Peter David is also right. While maybe you can't identify with it since you're upset over the unmasking (obviously :) )The unmasking has brought aboard a lot of fans who haven't read comics in years. Now the key is whether they'll stick around or just read the Civil War storyline.

And not every long time Spider-Man fan is going to have a close minded view about the unmasking and view it as "raping the character".
Well, I don't get how a long time fan as myself "who knows continuity" would like it, as David worded it. That statement makes no sense. Knowing continuity as I do, IMO, that makes this story even more absurd.
Where in continuity has Spidey been A.) very susceptible to peer pressure (and by Iron Man of all people....) B.) Wanting to endanger all his loved ones and strangers alike C.) acting with no regard to wisdom or common sense. D.) wanting to not be able to escape from his other identity and the freedom web-slinging could sometimes bring when his life was stressy.

And i don't see it as being close minded or open minded as to whether you like it (the unmasking) or not.

Tho, I am all for everyone reading what they want and am fine with differing views. We are all Spidey fans, and we all have been for varying degrees of times, whether since the mid 70's like me or for 1 issue like some new fans, and everyone in between. :)

I just personally found the quotes to be hilarious. And nonsensical, often without meaning.

Another one, Peter David closed with was ..."he and other spider scribes right now are focused on proving that this story works."

That's good they're trying to run with it guess. I feel relieved to know that Peter David won't contribute to truly bad storylines and would put his foot down if they ever wanted to make Peter a serial rapist. Oy...that is a real hoot.

I just feel like this story IS about shock value and sales, and NOT about the character or continuity, or long term fans. It is something even in the article states, for new fans....and that it will be something that will prolly have to be "fixed" and rewritten, as in...re-masked.
A. It was more than just peer pressure, you know. Tony Stark did give Peter his own choice to unmask. He was just merely giving Peter the truth and gravity of the situation. Ok, Peter DOESN'T unmask himself and goes against the registration act from the get go.

For starters, Iron Man would rat Spider-Man out in two seconds. He could easily tell everyone that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and hunt him down like a dog. What would that do to Mary Jane and Aunt May? No more Avengers Tower. No more Jarvis for Aunt May. That means that the Parker family is homeless, and they'd have to hideout anyway with the rebels.

B. His loved ones and strangers are/were going to be endangered anyway even if he didn't unmask and sign up for the registration. Because he'd have been outted anyway.

C. That's kind of up for debate. He's doing what he feels is the right thing to do. Did you read ASM # 534? Peter is knowing that he's doing the right thing LEGALLY, but is he doing what's right in his heart? Aunt May and Mary Jane have supported him in the unmasking and they're proud of him for doing it. They're not afraid of his rogues coming after them, and want to see him stop hiding behind the mask.

D. Right, when he was a 16 year old kid and everybody picked on Peter Parker and called him a bookworm. And when the girls would laugh at him and turn him down. Things have changed in Peter Parker's life since 1962. He's a part of the Avengers. He's been accepted by his fellow superheroes. He's beaten some of the biggest and baddest villains in the universe. He's married to a supermodel/actress. His Aunt knows his secret and she's happy with the fact that her son has done good with his super powers.

A long time fan, you, may not like it and may not be able to understand why they did it. But other long time fans may enjoy the stories and the excitement that can be brought to the title. And I don't mean "close minded" as a bad thing and "open minded" is a good thing. But it just seems to me that people are reacting more to the actual unmasking in Civil War # 2, and Joe Quesada's, JMS', and the other creators comments...than to actually reading the stories and the build up to everything that's been going on.

themanofbat is a longtime Spider-Man fan, and he's enjoying the unmasking as much as I am.
I love it when I get dragged into these things.... :rolleyes: :p

Just to make it perfectly clear, as a 32 year monthly reader of Spider-Man comics (and THAT hardly makes me an expert, just a long-time fan & reader), I will admit that Spider-Man tales as of late have been somewhat lackluster, but I AM enjoying the current Civil War storyline, and if approached correctly, as I've been stating since the begining, there could be a shining light at the end of the tunnel for a return to greatness with Spider-Man when a ll the smoke is cleared.

And regardless of what others may think, I see Peter's characterizarion in all of this as being pretty spot-on, because when you look at the big picture, it's easy to see how it all happened, and it's pretty exciting... at least it is to me.

And that, my friends, is merely my two cents...

Cheers... :)
I can see your guys' side.....just don't agree with it...but am ok to disagree. It is all good, to be able to debate something in a civilized manner. :up:

I am a long time reader too, 31 years old (not that it matters)....and find it all so contrived and not fitting into who Spider-Man/Peter is....AT ALL.

My main reason for putting up this thread tho, was more about the actual Peter David quotes, not as much so the unmasking.

I thought his quotes were out there and ridiculous. Nonsensical...and not making good points.

Especially, admitting that some stories DO go too far, and saying he wouldn't contribute to stories making Peter a serial rapist. That is a big weight off my shoulders let me tell you. Glad he clarified that as his example as what is too far.

And, some of the other quotes just don't make sense to me. just..out there.
I'll say this, I do agree that Peter David has not been making sense lately, haha.
yeh....ha....I like Peter David sometimes too...I mean, his Hulk runs a long time ago I just loved-and it was a long run too.....big time!...best stuff ever IMO...and he is opinionated...but...i dunno...

I am sure lots of people will be finding either a lot of stuff they either like or dislike once they read that Wizard article in the new issue coming out (not sure if it's at newstands yet)...was glad to get "some" quotes up here tho for people. It was an interesting article i suppose, regardless of what side you're on of the actual issue at hand.

Interesting that they seem to have had Peter David quoted a lot, put out into the gunfire per say....maybe to take some of the spotlight off of Joey Q's quotes....???....he wasn't quoted very much here. Maybe they were hoping Peter David would say some really juicy odd things....lol...
My personal opinion on the whole unmasking issue, I would have thought that Peter would have given up the webs before he would make the decision to go public with his identity (a decision that Firestar made, ironically a character linked to Spidey). That sounds more in character with Peter IMO.

But THAT wouldn't sell as well as unmasking Spidey. Shock value gets alot more attention/sells, Marvel knew what they were doing. The whole unmasking issue has been everywhere, and i'm not just talking about the comic book community. Not only do you get new readers to see what all the fuss is about but even fans that do hate the idea of unmasking Spidey stick around and read to see what the outcome is going to be, with myself included in the latter group. Its kinda like driving past a terrible car accident, you know you shouldn't look but you can't help but to look.

Although I hate the whole unmasking issue cuz I personally think it is out of character for Peter (Peter loves his family more than anything and I think he wouldn't do ANYTHING to jeopardize them than they already are) but where's the "fun" in having Peter be a vigilante (which he always was) or have him hang up his webs (been there, done that). Hey this is a scenario that hasn't been explored before so why not explore it??? Again Marvel knows what its doing, making a decision good for their business. And guess what, when all is said and done and they want to get back the die-hard fans that so-called have given up on Spidey, just retcon all this mess.....and they'll be back. And you know it will be retconned to. If Superman can die, Batman be paralyzed, and Wolverine lose his adamantium and go back to "status quo" then so will Spidey, another comic icon.
"..While at face value it may appear like a stunt, the new take on Spider-Man will draw more people to the book, and excite older fans familiar with the web-crawler's continuity."

PAD: "this isn't a stunt, this is a [gives definiton of what a stunt is for]" HUH?!

yeah i too think the unmasking is IN chaeacter but dont think theyve helped turn the nay-sayers with those quotes.
I've always hated the unmasking concept. Your right, it is a large publicity stunt, used to generate outside intrest in the book, and used to stir up hype for Marvel: Civil War. The quotes you've found are pretty funny dude, it's just too bad the first posters in this thread, are fans of the unmasking, and didn't give credit where credit is due. I respect both SIAT and TMOB immensely in regards to both their posts, and their knowledge of Spidey, but the quotes made by todays Spidey "creators" are horse****, pure and simple.

Q, this is the biggest stunt since death of superman, not in ten years have I seen such a blantant example, of trying to pump sales and bring in the looky loo fans. Before the issue even hit stands, we were all spoiled by,comic shop previews, Yahoo, and of course the New York Post. I especially was amused to see fat boy talking about it on MTV as well. Given the fact that this move was hyped to hell only about a month before it happened. Nobody even saw it coming. And of course, Mark Milliar stating he had never intended to include it and that it was all Quesada basically forcing it upon him. I can define that as either. A. The best kept secret in Marvel since the Thunderbolts reveal in 97, or B. After ****ing up the Spider-titles and long term sales, again during The Other, publicity stunts were organized to make people read Spidey again, hmmmmm sounds pretty spot on to me.

And David, bringing in looky loo fans while pissing off thousands of long term fans aint the best idea. Here's how it always ends, Looky loo fans buy a couple of copies of Civil War 2, bag it and put it away after giving in to the "comics are for kids" stereotype. After losing about 95% of looky loo fans, most of the fans angry at the bastardization of a beloved character decide to give the Distinguished Competition a larger chance. Publicity stunts are bad for comics, trust me I got to live through, Death of Superman, Knightfall, Age of Apacolypse, the Clone Saga, Onslaught, all in under three years. Great stories I'll agree, but you absolutly burn out your audience doing so, and can't hold their interest afterwards. Sales of comics were at a ridiculous high in 1993, by 1999, there were little more than 180,000,000 books sold. Good to see him drawing a line though, because I know for a fact, a seven part, Spider-rapist arc would sell millions :o. Its great to see some new stories being introduced as well, I'm pumped to see Spidey fight a different rogue every week this year, while talking about his secret identity :rolleyes: And nothing should beat a couple of arcs focusing on May and MJ's bodyguards, what wacky hijinks while they get into? How about Parkers Civil Case with JJJ? Mmmmm, what defence will Parker plead? Justification? Third Party?

Nice finds FN :up:
Yeh....i found all of his quotes quite laughable.

And contradicting.
Well it's no longer a surprise how much Joe Q and his writers make a fool of themselves. He's already admitted time and again that writers of Spider-man have an inability to write stories for a guy in a steady relationship.

As for the unmasking. I didn't agree with it entirely but it does have potential. Not too mention that tons of people knew already so it was bound to happen or it would just continue as a running joke about how badly guarded the secret was.

Though I see many fans calling for a retcon of this as soon as possible. I just think that it would be wrong to undo what has been done already. Sure it's a very big part of who he was but then again we've had forty years of that and to an extent the secret identity has been worn out.
If something is good, ...why ruin it? Fundementals don't need to change.

There are lots of great thing about Spidey that have been around for "40 years", ...doesn't mean writers need to trounce on those things.

Why can't writing about marriage be exciting??(MJ)

Instead, Peter David is intrigued about the exciting possibilities of "MJ and Aunt May needing bodyguards to go out anywhere".

Unmasking makes stories easier actually for the writers...not harder. Everything falls into a typical plot now...everyone knows, everyone is in danger. But, it is like forcing everyone (all fans) to read one very LONG LONG "WHAT IF?" tale that will keep on going monthly....sure we have Ultimate, but it is different. I feel they're pounding a square block into a circular hole forcibly to make this look like it does fit into continuity....smoke and mirrors....(oh yes, "Aunt May" encouraged him even!!...hee) ...on and on...while meanwhile the "real" Peter Parker some of us know and love is MIA.

...."we are determined to show everyone these stories will work!"

And..."We are drawing in NEW fans...and old fans will love it because of their knowledge of Spidey continuity."

They may be drawing in a few new fans....BUT....why would my knowledge of "Spider-Man continuity" make me like this contrived money making storyline???

I don't even get what he means with that. My knowledge of continuity from the past 25+ years makes me feel bewildered, puzzled and feeling robbed and cheesed.

And....Peter David admits that...."some storylines could possibly take Spider-Man too far"...."he would never participate in writing Spider-Man as a serial rapist for instance." I am glad he stated this, it makes me feel like he is "trying to look good" to us long term fans who don't like the storyline a little.


Why not tho!!??, I can almost see THAT storyline after all the other things that have gotten approved lately.....it could all be retconned anyway...and of course Spidey wouldn't be a rapist in the end... It'd make the news too....i mean...the unmasking made Yahoo news, and TV news even...and so would that...it would bring in new fans...money!!!

So, a 12 part (Jae Lee art) Spider-Man: The Friendly Neighborhood Serial Rapist isn't too far off. And i am sure if it DID happen, Peter David if around, WOULD write parts of it...lol...

I mean, they had Hal Jordan turn into a bad guy and killed everyone, friends, colleagues, etc...and no one woulda EVER thought that....and i NEVER would of imagined a lot of things with Spidey as of lately either, especially the unmasking..."knowing my continuity" the way i do.

There isn't any story they wouldn't do to Spidey, in my opinion. "We like to challenge our characters." Joey Q sums it up nicely.
If you have to work to prove that a story works, then it probably doesn't work.

Because guess what? If a story works, it will work all on its own, no proof necessary.

Therefore, since they are working so hard to validate their story, it does not work.
Obviously PEter David must realize there are a lot of people who HATE the storyline if he says they need to focus on proving that this storyline could work.

But then again, he says long term fans will LOVE this unmasking story too.

He's kinda doofy.
That's new marvel for ya... force feeding us crap and then blaming us for being crap...
I wonder why they had Peter David doing most of the talking for the unmasking issue at hand?

What about the other Spidey and Civil War writers??
I love how people who enjoy the unmasking accuse the ones who hate it as being closed minded. What a dumb ass comment to make.
Doc Destruction said:
I love how people who enjoy the unmasking accuse the ones who hate it as being closed minded. What a dumb ass comment to make.

Yep... and it's equally as asanine as the ones who hate the storyline calling those that do like it "Marvel Zombies", etc...

Themanofbat said:
Yep... and it's equally as asanine as the ones who hate the storyline calling those that do like it "Marvel Zombies", etc...

Ah, but here's the thing. SiaT's the one who's been pitching fits about "negative" fans attacking all of the like minded "positive" fans. And yet what's the first thing he does in this thread? Goes right after the poster with the brain dead "Not everyone's as close minded as you".

No one made any comment about other fans until he did.

The good Doc might be a pain in the butt (wouldn't know; haven't read that many of his posts), but he has a point. You can argue your point without .

Two things: First, yeah, I'm a fine one to talk about going after fellow posters. I am a recovering a$$hole, I know.

Second, just so every one knows my stance, the unmasking could have been an idea I could support if a.) they hadn't done it by making Peter a moron, and b.) "Sins Past" and "The Other" hadn't been. Right now it's just a cheap stunt to draw in more readers without giving a fig for the character or the history of the comic.
They should've just had Tony wig out, and reveal Peter's identity on stage when Pete decided not to go through with it.

Would've made a lot more sense than, "Aunt May has a pretty good point, I have nothing to hide. I'm a nice guy, and a hero to boot! The public would be fools not to love me!"

Cyclops said:
If you have to work to prove that a story works, then it probably doesn't work.

Because guess what? If a story works, it will work all on its own, no proof necessary.

Therefore, since they are working so hard to validate their story, it does not work.

Bingo :up:

Joe Q and PAD need to just shut up right now and let Civil War play out. All of the previous mess ups at Marvel lately have been constantly justified by these two and JMS and they in turn wind up making it worse. Let's face it, everytime they talk about their reasons behind certain moves (Sins Past, new costume, etc.) they unknowingly reassure people that they have little to no cofidence in the decission making whatsoever. If Civil War is good people will know, you don't have to keep trying to convince them it is.
Citizen_Kaine said:
They should've just had Tony wig out, and reveal Peter's identity on stage when Pete decided not to go through with it.

Would've made a lot more sense than, "Aunt May has a pretty good point, I have nothing to hide. I'm a nice guy, and a hero to boot! The public would be fools not to love me!"


That actually would have been pretty cool, definitely adds more drama to the Stark/Spidey debacle. Of course it would also officially make Iron Man the biggest d*** in comic history.
Doc Destruction said:
I love how people who enjoy the unmasking accuse the ones who hate it as being closed minded. What a dumb ass comment to make.

Why is it a dumb ass comment? I further explained what I was talking about to farmernudie. And he understood. But obviously you probably didn't bother to read the rest of my post, or farmernudie's posts.

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