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next guest superhero

chuck norriss's tears can bring pa kent back from the dead.

its a shame chuck norriss has never cried.
Dick grayson, I think it would be cool if supes helped out the flying graysons on their tour to smallville or metropolis and Dick was there...

it would be the closest and most legitimate reference to bats they are likely to get in smallville.

that or perhaps john stewart should be a drill seargant or an officer who's served in the war and is taking on clark who thinks the best way to help others is to serve in the military.

diana would be too easy, and i only think he should meet diana last out of the justice league members and they should all meet her together.

however an obvious choice would be hawkman. since we have already met league members that are more skilled than clark in the natural habitats (bart on land and arthur in the water), perhaps the next thing is to find one who is better (either more agile or faster) than clark in the air.
Green Arrow....I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet, given the fact that Oliver Queen was referenced in the pilot 5 years ago...
it will be martian manhunter, but the day we see/hear anything about bats, is the day i scream. i would like to see chuck norris and his super mystical tears though.
Green Arrow but not as a collegue student, as a young millionaire dealing with Lex. Captain Marvel would be interesting.
But they already said they plan to use Martian Man Hunter.
Martian Manhunter is the ONLY one that needs to appear. I duno who made this poll but MM disguised as a teen? WTF

He should be either a Gotham Police officer (John Jones) or one of Clark's teachers in disguise.

Nobody else has any real business showing up.
thanks for insulting me, and when i wrote it i thorght he could become a friend of clarks then one day tell him who he realy is.
Maybe this is useful to you

Not that I'm saying I want this the most, but I can definatley see Captain Marvel. But personally I want to see Batman or one of the GL.
Captain Marvel? How can you see that when Billy Batson isnt even born yet....
house of f said:
who should come on smallville next:supes:

(1) BATMAN/Bruce Wayne

(2) Wonder Woman / Diana

(3) Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz / John Jones

(4) Green Lanther

(5) Captain Marvel / Shazam / Billy Batson
Martian Manhunter was like the "Tim Meadows" of the Justice League, the guy just never left the show....
Except on JLU, he did leave....to roam the earth and study humanity as John Jones.
MM as a teen? WTF?

Captain Marvel? Billy Batson isn't even born yet.
I mentioned this before, but I would love to see Diana(WW) on the show. It would make for some excellent forshadowing of the chemistry between Superman and Wonder Woman in the future.

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