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No evil shall escape my sight...The Official John Stewart Thread

it's supposed to be the green lantern corps, so we don't really need any humans, they can cameo every now and then. I just want to see sodam yat, soranik natu, vath sarn, isamot kol, mogo,and some other aliens from various sectors.
I am curious why everyone loves John Stewart so much, is it because he was the GL in the the animated show? I only read the reboot of Green Lantern that Geoff Johns did back in 2004. Then the relaunch of the Green Lantern Corps all the way up until brightest day. John Stewart had really nothing to do during this run I think he was with the Justice League during all these events. He showed up briefly but the main Earth characters in the Corps were Kyle and Guy. I liked the Sinestro Corps War the best, that would be cool to see on screen. Anyway my point is John was really not part of the Corps stories at that time, don't know if that has changed. Usually a story comes out and showcases a character then everyone loves that person, I haven't seen one with John Stewart, but my GL knowledge is limited to that era I mentioned above.

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